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April 17, 2024

Champaign County Clerk candidate Aaron Ammons – Action points to admission of guilt

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 15, 2018

Champaign Co. (ECWd) –

Aaron Ammons appears to have admitted once again to his past action to be inconsistent with current law as it relates to his required Statement of Economic Interest filing.

We first covered Aaron Ammons felony pardon in this article where we questioned; “When do laws matter”?

After exposing his failure to comply with the requirements to obtain a pardon, we then exposed the false and incomplete filing of his Statement of Economic Interest in this article.

The day after that article, Ammons took steps to change his SEI filings at the County level. His false and incomplete SEI that was filed for his bid for County Clerk was exposed in this article.

A review of the County website now reflects he has taken steps to change his SEI documents, which appears to be an admission of violating the legal requirements for that document.  The new updated version reflects disclosure of his University of Illinois employment.

Of additional interest is the fact he makes no mention of his wife on these SEI filings which appears to also be a requirement.  A requirement that she also failed to comply with initially in her March 2018 filing, and later corrected in her April 2018 filing by adding his interests to her document.

The instructions for this document clearly outline what is to be disclosed:

The interest (if constructively controlled by the person making the statement) of a spouse or any other party, shall be considered to be the same as the interest of the person making the statement.”

As you can see with his now corrected version, he does not list anything related to his spouse.

Ammons is seeking the position of Champaign County Clerk, the very office in charge of ensuring these exact forms are filled out by public officials.

If he can’t properly fill out his own, is it fair to ask how can we trust him to take care of this for the entire county?

Corrected 2018 SEI FILING


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