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May 18, 2024

Source of policy, messaging expertise, and influence that is not controllable in Governor’s Office revealed!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 7, 2018

Illinois (ECWd) –

In yesterday’s article exposing the Governor’s wife signing off on the final version of the abortion bill, per protocol, we made reference to “sources”. We rarely ever point to “sources” as the only information behind an article and decided to elaborate as we have had several people attempt to dismiss our claims because of citing sources without disclosing the source.

We stated in that article:

“A protocol that our sources tell us is alive and well and it points to the First Lady calling the shots, not the Governor. Our sources report that we have a First Lady in the Governor’s office with policy and messaging expertise and influence that is not controllable as she is not elected and answers to no one.  Emails tend to support that position.”

Our source stated in an email:

“Finally, I’d really like to push back on the idea that I’m somehow behind this- honestly that complaint reveals the ambivalence about (or maybe pure dislike of) a First Lady with policy and messaging expertise and influence who is not controllable.”

The source? 

Illinois First Lady Diana Rauner! 

Yes, the very person who claimed she would sign off on the final version of the abortion bill, per protocol, is the source of our reporting, via her own email. With communications like these now exposed it’s no wonder the Governor’s office doesn’t want to release the rest of the email communications the First Lady has sent and received.

Of additional interest in this communication is wording that points to what I would consider failed leadership.

The First Lady makes reference to the “frat boys cabal”. Inner circles point to the frat boys cabal being Richard Goldberg, Ed Murphy and Mike Zolnierowicz, people brought in by the Governor who ran his office until last summer.  The First Lady and those people did not get along

She goes on to say: “I think she (Emily) can speak to a genuine sigh of relief that some of the arrogance and closed thinking that excluded so many great contributors has been swept out and a more open, respectful and inclusive atmosphere can emerge. 

With that documented statement we must ask, what is open, respectful, and inclusive about refusing to provide email communication of an unelected, uncontrollable person that is involved in policy, messaging, and has direct influence to include signing off on final versions of bills?

True leadership, in my opinion, surrounds itself with well vetted and most qualified people.  Considering the Governor’s office failed to do any kind of vetting when they hired John Clough to serve on the Prison Review Board, which lead to him being fired after we did their work for them, it should be no surprise that we see the turnover we have in the Governor’s Office and the passage of laws not consistent with the values of the people who put him in office.

Mrs. Rauner goes on to state:  “And its part of the closed thinking culture to resent anyone who comes in with differing viewpoints and ideas.”

Is it closed thinking culture to resent an unelected, uncontrollable person who is signing off on final versions of bills that impact the taxpayer’s pocketbook and the life of the unborn?

What is so mind-blowing to me, as if all the above is not enough, the National Governor’s Association has the First Lady’s information on their web page at this link where the second paragraph has this statement:

“As first lady, Mrs. Rauner plans to focus on issues that affect the state’s most vulnerable children”

Who are the “most vulnerable children?”

Considering people are charged with double murder when a mother and her unborn child are killed in a shooting or DUI accident, most would agree the most vulnerable children are the unborn. Is signing off on the final version of an abortion bill her idea of focusing on the issues that affect our most vulnerable children?

It’s a sad day for me and many others to see our government crumble to a point where we now have unelected people having an uncontrollable influence on matters that directly affect the most vulnerable children in the state, the unborn.

While the Governor and his wife focus on the “Rauner Brand”, the “Illinois Brand” is in trouble!

You can download the email here or view below.

Influance email

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