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April 20, 2024

Atlanta Library – No evidence email was shared with Board

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 7, 2018

Logan Co. (ECWd) –

Once again, the fact-checking of sworn testimony of Bill Thomas is proving he has a real problem with facts.

Our first two articles exposing his inconsistencies, (putting it mildly),  can be read here and here.

An email communication from an attorney to Bill Thomas was the subject matter of a rather interesting line of questioning.  In short, Thomas claimed the board was fully aware of the information and they saw no conflict.

Thomas: “We wanted it presented to the rest of the board, and it was

SOS Attorney:  “Do you have some evidence, some documentation to show that you passed this onto the board?  Is it in your minutes, minutes of a meeting somewhere, do you have a copy of the email you forwarded the email”

Thomas: “Not with me, it should be in the minutes of the board.” 

SOS Attorney: “Email is from October 2016 and it was disclosed ….you gave this information to the board, how soon after?”

Thomas: “The very next, whatever the next library board meeting would have been from the date” 

SOS Attorney:  “So it would be November, December 2016?”

Thomas: “More likely November.”

Well, once again we find his testimony is greatly flawed as there is NOTHING in the November 2016 minutes, or any other minutes we have read reflecting the board was ever informed of this conflict issue as he claimed.

November 2016 minutes

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1 Comment
  • Smack Down
    Posted at 21:46h, 08 February

    There are board members on this board who have or still do work for insurance companies which are highly regulated and require a code of conduct sign off and one of the topics in the code of conduct discussed conflict of interest and as sassy smart as Cathy Macarelli seems to think she is there is no excuse for these board members to not have known! This so called claimed incompetence is yet another lie! They all need to resign!