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April 20, 2024

NIU’s former College of Law Dean conduct was Severe and Pervasive Sexual Harrassment –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 19, 2017

Northern Illinois University (ECWd) –

After an apparent unsuccessful attempt at obtaining a court order to seal the records, the final investigative reports of FOUNDED Sexual Harassment complaints against former Dean of the College of Law at NIU, Appellate Dean Eric Dannenmeir, were made public.

Some of the redactions, in our opinion, are unlawful and we have appealed to the university for them to review their redactions, and provide a replacement document with fewer redactions.

Among the findings of an investigation conducted by NIU:

  • more likely than not that Dannenmeir sexually harassed the complainants by using comments and language of a sexual nature in the workplace
  • some conversations between Dannenmeir and complainants were sexual in nature
  • a significant power differential between Dannenmeir and complainants
  • no evidence he treated male students different than female students
  • some comments made by Dannenmeir included (on page 6): “is it just sex or are you in love…’ and “[you] could have slept with someone else” and repeated invites to his home in the middle of the day, etc
  • asking complainant who else she had sex with
  • witnesses testified Dannenmeir  commented about dating a female candidate for hire and hugged a female professor without her permission
  • witnesses testified that Dannenmeir referred to someone as a “**** buddy”
  • Dannenmeir stated that during dinner at his home the conversation with a complainant included a “number of topics, including sex” – he initially denied the sexual conversations, but later admitted to them
  • there was enough information to conclude that Dannenmeir’s conduct of a sexual nature was severe and pervasive enough to create a hostile work environment
  • Dannenmeir failed to address or did not deny asking a complainant (see page 16) whether she touched herself sexually and what she thinks about when she does, told her that he was good with his mouth, asked how often she had sex, referenced her swallowing, etc
  • more on pages 21, 22, 28, and others.

You can download the document here or view below.

5982 - Redacted FOIA2 11.13.17

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1 Comment
  • No Harveys
    Posted at 21:29h, 19 November

    A law school dean should be the last person who would have to be stupid enough to engage in this illegal behavior toward employees. That ‘man’ is still employed through December 31, 2017, reportedly so NIU could avoid a lawsuit filed by this creep. The victims are no longer employed–they should be suing NIU, not him. That creep should be finding a rock to crawl under, or entering ‘therapy.’ The creep did not last long in the job–any chance he left any previous employment under a cloud of disgusting behavior? Any chance NIU did not do their full due diligence in vetting this guy?