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May 27, 2024

Des Plaines School District 62’s Superintendent Floyd Williams’ troubles follow him around –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 13, 2017


Des Plaines School District 62’s Superintendent Floyd Williams appears to have a history of allegations of sexual harassment that keeps following him from school district to school district. If these new alleged allegations are founded, he should be immediately terminated without pay.

Williams has been on paid leave for several weeks, and nobody will explain to the public why he is not at work.

School Board President Stephanie Duckmann refused to talk about it to WGN’s Tom Negovan, choosing instead to hide in an office.

Duckmann had acknowledged back in July of 2016, that she knew of William’s previous problems and accusations at the Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin (Daily Herald article) where he was the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary School Leadership – those allegations included nude images on his work computer – one of which showed Floyd Williams’ reflection in a mirror as he was taking the photograph, photos of staff members without permission, inappropriate and sexually-charged comments to his assistant and directing her to perform personal tasks (read the Charge Sheet). He was also accused of surreptitiously recording a meeting with his supervisor, and lying about recording it. The entire D62 Board knew, and chose to hire him anyway, saying “give him another chance.”

He left his previous job with a check for less than $7,000. Which is exactly how he should leave this job, with no severance excepting legally required payment of is vacation/sick leave days.

According to a former D62 teacher, Duckmann herself has been accused of fabricating stories against an employee at the time – even accusing the former teacher of “over-reacting” in her complaint against a man while he was visiting the school.

We recently alleged District 62 filed a false police report, and pursued false criminal charges against a former teacher, for her simply sending emails and FOIA requests to the District. The police report and subsequent charges allege she “interrupted their telephone and electronic communications services” – but in an answer to an FOIA request by me, the District denied ever having interruptions of their telephone and electronic communications services. Either they lied to me in the FOIA response, or they lied to the Police, the Prosecutor, and the Judge. That case is still working its way thru the courts. The employee who signed that false police report is now the acting superintendent.

We also wrote about D62’s violations of the Freedom of Information act (here).

Even the meetings during their search for a superintendent took place saw allegations of Open Meetings Act violations, which were later withdrawn under threats by the District, according to the person who filed it. The Minutes are [here], which show meetings in private locations, and inconvenient to those who may have wished to attend.

It is time public employees be held accountable for their actions and held accountable without a massive golden parachute on their way out the door. If these allegations are founded, and this District does not, in the strongest terms possible, take appropriate action, this district should be held liable for any of his future actions at future school districts. School Districts hire based on available information, a previous school district should not be able to brush things under the rug and let future school districts find out the hard way.

ECWd has sent an FOIA request for copies of any and all complaints against Floyd Williams. It has yet to be answered.



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