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April 21, 2024

Illinois – Now $15,681,199,932 Billion in vendor debt!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 15, 2017

Illinois – (ECWd) –

You may recall we covered the hitting of the highest reported vendor debt of $15.34 Billion way back in the beginning of September……..of this year – on September 4th, 2017. 

Well, here we are updating that breaking news with more breaking news, it’s worse and it’s only been eleven days.  Today set a new high in vendor debt obligations being reported by the Comptroller’s office, which now tops $15.68 Billion dollars.  That equates to a $340,617,026 million dollar increase in 11 days, or roughly $30,965,184.18 dollars a day!

Yes, just under 31 Million dollars a day deeper in the hole, in spite of increased income tax, property tax, budgets etc.

Only in Illinois will politicians continue to do the same thing they have always done and expected new results, which we all know is not how it works.

This is bad!

Note that if you go the comptroller web page the actual number may be higher or lower as it changes regularly.  The photo below is a screen shot from today at 7 pm Central time!


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1 Comment
    Posted at 08:35h, 16 September

    And so, for those Illinois citizens that have no idea how we could be $15 billion dollars in debt; consider the Edgar County Airport and the performance of the Illinois Department of Aeronautics (IDOA) and our state officials as an example.
    Local county officials created false documents containing outright lies and submitted them to IDOA for consideration. IDOA manages the Federal Funds for airport development projects and naturally approves them with out proper vetting.
    These project funds were then awarded in spite of false documents provided by the county and in direct violation of Illinois Law. Oops. Yes in violation of Illinois Law.
    Locally, money is borrowed for this project. Statewide, money is borrowed for a multitude of other Illinois Airports projects along with this one without question. The Fed are borrowing too.

    However, taxpayers such as myself don’t feel if we’re only paying 10% in tax dollars for something you can’t justify, don’t need, hadn’t thought of and don’t want, you shouldn’t do it.

    When questioned, the IDOA, along with the IDOT Chief Councils Office, the Secretary of Transportation and the Office of Intermodal Project Implementation and yes even our own Governor Rauner, feel the intent of compliance far outweighs the responsibility to follow Illinois Law. Again, I feel otherwise…lets just follow the law….and remember we’re 15 billion dollars in debt OK?

    These issues have been raised with the FAA along with Illinois Officials noted. Hopefully there will be consequences because as already noted…our officials, from the governor on down have no scruples when it comes to spending tax dollars for any reason or for getting project money for something we can’t justify, don’t need, hadn’t thought of and don’t want.

    By the way there is not a single economic justification for the 6 million or so dollars already wasted here at the Edgar County Airport. The land owners that were wrongfully forced to sell their land for this illegal airport expansion have something to say on this too.
    This airport is also the home of the dual firebombing of aircraft where in public officials, Chris Patrick (former county board member and concrete supplier) and Jimmy Wells (former airport manager) refuse to take polygraph examinations where others have.

    We have more alligators here in Illinois that in Washington DC. Enough so that every Illinois citizen could be wearing alligator shoes and have a closet full of them.