Bloomington needs more time to produce Margot Erhlich’s reimbursement of personal airplane ticket –


Well, well, well…this leaves all of us scratching our heads in disbelief…

The reimbursement… “months ago” …by Margot Erhlich for the personal airplane ticket bought using the public credit/purchase card of the City of Bloomington is too hard to produce within five days.

Amazingly the city says it needs an additional five days to produce a copy of the requested reimbursements, claiming someone with the necessary “expertise and discretion” must look at it to figure out if it is exempt or not. What a bunch of hogwash.

We all know it is subject to production under FOIA, and that they can redact personal addresses, personal phone numbers, and personal bank account numbers – but the remainder must be produced. Are the city FOIA officers this incompetent?

What is the public supposed to think now? That the reimbursement actually happened as told by Mayor Tari Renner, “months ago” – or shall they be left opining that said reimbursement has yet to happen?

One would think that as much media exposure and social media exposure happening over this alleged illegal ticket purchase, the city would be scrambling to prove it was reimbursed almost at the speed of light after the city used the public’s treasury to purchase it.

Ten days to find a record for reimbursement? What a joke.



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  1. Might want to FOIA the Journal entries for the accounts and sister city program. Looks like it could be a slush fund or robbing other fund to pay for the trip that is now beyond the budget for this fiscal year.

  2. Gall-lee.

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

    It’s like that time when the Doctor told me I had piles.

    I asked him “Piles of what?”

  3. To the cities credit, if they are going to create a receipt they want it to look official. You can’t rush post created receipts quickly otherwise the FOIA requester will notice the ink is still wet

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