LaHarpe Mayor resigned, court date for Official Misconduct is June 12th –

LaHarpe, IL. (ECWd) –

Ryan Kienast, the long-embattled Mayor of LaHarpe, Illinois tendered his resignation prior to the May 22, 2017, city council meeting by placing a copy of his resignation at every seat of the city council.

His most recent scandal involved the firing of a water department employee, without notice, leaving residents and council members wondering if it was in retaliation of the employee voicing his opposition to the Mayor allegedly changing his own water bill, and getting the water billing policy changed in order to benefit him thru lower water rates at an apartment building.

He was also earlier arrested and charged in Hancock County with official misconduct for his unlawful use of public property and personnel for private purposes when he was photographed with the city backhoe in his yard digging next to the foundation of his private residence. He admitted to using the backhoe for personal use and attempted to write a check for $50 to the city for payment.

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  1. I’ve got a lotta backhoe work saved up!

    Posting that on CL tomorrow! I’ll be paying $55.00 so I expect to be swamped by calls!

    Maybe the mayor will be undercutting people and I’ll pay $50 or even less!

    I’ll let youse guys know!

  2. They showed absolutely no proof he changed his water billing to benefit himself or he would have been charged and if he did good its not drinkable hasn’t been for years way over chlorinated to cheat state testing and still failed multiple times for high ph even before he was mayor, and the billing never has been right, if you want to talk about stealing the township and taxpayers money over a hour of using the backhoe, then lets talk about a city employees buying batteries at Christmas and tons of bleach and charging it to the city, also lets bust out every council member that’s had the city pour gravel and smooth their driveways for free lets charge everyone not pick and choose correct? The letters we recieved said not to drink it until further notice that we never received, due to high ph as kids drink this water at school and parents use it in their babies formula, report that watch dogs. You won’t you only report what you want people to hear just like the evening news!

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