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Carlinville Blows Off Attorney General Again – Refuses To Answer –


The City of Carlinville has been sent a “2nd Request” for a response to a Request For Review of an alleged FOIA denial. The AG’s PAC Office sent this when the City of Carlinville failed to answer the first request within the required 7-day response time as FOIA requires for requests for review.

This one is in reference to the February 15, 2017 FOIA request denial, which we wrote about earlier (here).

The AG’s Public Access Counselor has subpoena power under the FOIA and I suggest they use it.

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  1. Tribune wins decision in FOIA case against College of DuPage, foundation
    ***MODERATOR removed copywrited material***

    Look out Carlinveille … YOU ARE NEXT!

  2. This is a prime example of why Illinois is the most corrupt state in the Nation – no one follows the law.

  3. Why the denial to turn over documents??
    This says to me that there is a lot of
    misconduct or worse that the city is
    attempting to conceal. Certainly think am ARDC complaint is in order. Further
    believe the State’s Attorney needs to get involved.

  4. The patience gub officials extend to the ‘defendants’ is so frustrating to the ‘plaintiffs’. We always wonder what leeway we would have if we failed to comply. Don’t pay your taxes? Nothing stops the rolling ball but your good check. Fail to appear in court for traffic ticket? Convicted as charged with the fee, license loss or arrest. But public officials seem to give other public officials the breaks we would never receive.

  5. -At what point will it take for the Attorney General’s office to file the charges against the Carlinville City Administration for its non-compliance to the mandatory statutes? Until this is done Carlinville will continue to not obey the law. The Lawyers representing the city should be reported to the Illinois Attorneys Registration & Disciplinary Commission should be reported for their duplicitous behavior and advice in these matters. Why are they continuing to be allowed to not adhere to the sames laws that other cities in this State?

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