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April 12, 2024

Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor – credit where credit due

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 10, 2017

Illinois –(ECWd) –

As our regular readers know, it’s not often we get to write about public bodies who are doing the right thing.  Yes, part of that is because when they do the right thing there is no need for our involvement but those are few and far between from what we have seen.

Last October I filed a request for review on a public interest case that involved an Edgar County Corrections officer.  As disclosed in this article, the Attorney General Public Access Counselor issued their opinion confirming the Edgar County 911 Board violated FOIA.

That opinion was issued yesterday.  That makes this case one of the fastest we have seen resolved in the 5 years we have been dealing with FOIA and OMA cases with that office.  Now don’t get me wrong, we still have some cases that are approaching 3 years old that have not been finalized yet but this article is not about that.

This case was resolved in approximately 4 months as it relates to a final determination.

Thank you to the PAC Office and to Christopher Boggs, the Assistant Attorney General in the Public Access Bureau for getting this request for review handled in a more timely manner.

For those filing for requests for review, understand that as we continue to train and educate the public on their rights to public records and information, more requests for review will hit the PAC office.  Those increased numbers slow things down but it does appear we have all hands on deck at the current time in that office.

Thanks again PAC!


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