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Watchdogs on Chicago Tonight – re: IL. Auditor General Mautino Investigation –


We were Live on Chicago Tonight last night discussing the investigation into Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino’s questionable campaign expenditures.

Illinois Fiscal Watchdog Under Investigation for Campaign Spending

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  1. The Watchdogs broke the story on the College of DuPage, while the Illinois Community College Board hid their head in the sand. The Watchdogs are the real heroes.

    The Watchdogs broke the story on State Representative Mautino, while the Illinois State Board of Elections raised no questions or concerns. The Watchdogs are the real heroes.

    The Watchdogs called for reinforcements at Lincoln Way School District 210, when the entire statewide system of education was fast asleep. The Watchdogs are the real heroes.

    The dedication, commitment, perseverance and accomplishments of these two citizen statesmen (Kirk Allen and John Kraft) is truly remarkable. They deserve our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

    Thanks Watchdogs, keep up the Great Work!!!

    • All we did was take the information given to us by the real heroes, the whistleblowers, and published what we found. It could not have been possible without them.

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