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  1. Love your work generally, but…. This prohibition (for Kietzman) is found in the Airport Authorities Act where he must reside within the boundaries of the Authority (his property tax bill shows he does not)… This statement is factually incorrect.

    The property tax bill shows you that his parcel of the township he lives in is not charged the airport tax, even though he is in fact a bona fide resident of the township that is a part of the authority.

    What you are missing is that not all of the proper residents in the townships that make up the airport authority are coded to pay the tax. In fact, somewhere around 1/3 to half of the residents are not paying the tax. Why? That is a good question perhaps our organization might become interested in.

    But Jon was in the same situation, and he also was properly in the territory, but not charged the tax by the county clerk.

    • That is why I made mention of the issue of the Supervisor of Assessments. And why I also qualified my statements by referring to his property tax record. It is in the video of public comment in the last article.

      Either way, the more pressing issues of both David and Jon’s disqualifications are and were being an officer or employee of another unit of local government.

      I will update the last article to point out my conclusions of residing within the taxing boundaries were drawn entirely form his property tax record.

      Thanks for your comments.

      • Invalid security token. This is what I’m still getting as of right now. I’m trying to post on a DuPage Township article.

        • I just posted as “testing” and “Testing2” on each of those DuPage Township articles on a different browser and it worked for me. Have you tried a different browser?

  2. Is there anymore talk about Maine Townships continuing issue of the touchy freely esquire Dave Carrabota, or is this just Morask blowing smoke to take her insane politics off the table and shed more light on the sanctimonious three trustees?

    • Breuder was the first donkey to screw things up at Harper College. Breuder was obnoxious and a nut. Now someone needs to investigate Kenneth ender, the silent incompetent rageful nut. He is spending tax $$$ like they are his inheritance. It is BS. No one of color wants to work there because it is a nasty place for students and staff. Someone on the board look into ending Ender!

  3. We live in a small town called Clayton Illinois in Adams county we have been fighting with our Mayor and the Clayton Elevator about the Dust in the air. Our Mayor works for the Elevator and he does not think he doing anything wrong. I am hoping you can help us we have been in contact with the EPA as well going back all the way 2014. it time for some out side help.

    • We have picture of the mess they make on the roads and in the creeks also, The ordences they use against everyone else to clean up. So we could use some help on this our Mayor is not doing his job as the mayor but as an employee.

  4. The incestuous nature of DuPage County politics is on full display at the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. The filing papers of the challenger to President Joe Cantore are being challenged and the DuPage Election Commission will decide. Of course Cantore’s personal tax funded toady Mark “the barber” Kaufman is the former chairman of that body and rumor has it that the deleted portion of the video of a November 28 public comment at the forest preserve board meeting relates to allegations that Cantore was able to jump the line to file his paperwork with the same election commission. Candidate Hebreard’s chances for a fair hearing seem in doubt. This same team of Cantore and Kaufman directed forest preserve staff to create a previously non-existent job for former commissioner Shannon Burns and directed staff to issue “fake news” press releases about the departure of two executive directors in recent years. When Cantore became president he appointed Jeff Redick to take his old seat on the commission. Redick is a former member of the county board and a partner in the law firm of Cronin & Power (as in County Board Chairman Dan Cronin). DuPage County seems every bit as corrupt as Cook County or Springfield and it may be high time voters drain the swamp at the forest preserve headquarters in Wheaton.

    • Holden,
      Very insightful comments but I’m not sure if many people are listening. You should get Mark Kauffman’s name correctly spelled. Not sure if the stories released for the last executive departure story was “fake news.” I was actually relieved to submit my resignation as my integrity was being stretched to the limit with the “directed hirings.” You referred to one of them. I left before I had to sign off on that one. What still irritates me is the status of Mark Kauffman. He was given an indefinite contract by THE LAST board president. By my reading of the ILCS, that contract should have ended when Dewey left office. It should have been renewed in 2014, under the new president, to be valid. He has been working under an invalid contract since 2014. You might want to consult an attorney to confirm my interpretation. More later. Mike Hullihan.

      • Mike, thanks for your input. I was sorry to learn of your departure, it was good working with you. But can’t imagine the level of corruption you must have seen, so glad you got away from that. Last I heard, the hiring of commissioner Burns was a reward for her not running again for her old seat on the commission and leaving Al Murphy uncontested sice he only narrowly beat her before. Are you aware of the reason? I myself am not sure if that is true since I was never part of anything at that level (thank God). I will say that the Director of Education, Bob L. admitted to me that he was being forced to hire her even before the position was approved by the board. Turns out almost everyone there knew the whole interview and hiring process was just a show to make it look like a legitimate hire. I know a lot of staff who felt, like you, that they were asked to compromise their integrity by the political leadership. That’s a big part of why I left.

        • Chris, you’re pretty much on target. I didn’t know why that hire was directed, but we were given the marching orders to 1. Create the job and 2. Hire her. Ask Bob Lahey or the guy who is still directing Natural Resources. I was probably not the most courageous of leaders for not falling on my sword and demanding that the board fire me, but I took an easier way out and submitted my resignation. What a cesspool. Fortunately, I did not give up my 1st Amendment rights as a condition of the resignation agreement so I am able to submit these comments. I never had to go on record recommending her hiring, which saved me from a big moral dilemma. I am still amazed that no one has picked up on my earlier comments on the legality of Mark Kauffman’s contract. He is essentially a “bagman” for the board president and acts as a agent of the board president with extraordinary access with oversight of no one but the board president. Glad to be retired, sorry that the residents of Du Page County have to suffer this type of governance. Moved to North Carolina (kind of a mistake in light of current storm conditions) , still happier to be here than there. Good Luck!

  5. At it’s Dec 5 board meeting a lawyer from the Citizen Advocacy Center addressed the DuPage Forest Preserve Board. He asked the board to reinstate a deleted segment of video from it’s Nov 28 meeting in which a public comment was repeatedly interrupted and the speaker told he could not discuss a topic. The video is clearly edited. The speaker is at the podium one moment and then an edit takes place and he is leaving the meeting. What is President Cantore trying to hide?

  6. Judge issues a guilty plea for defendant for FTA while defendant is standing in front of him. It was my son standing there and already plead not guilty last court appearance and then this time judge said he was not there when he was talking to him. Edgar County is very corrupt.

  7. Have you heard about the former dupage forest Preserve commissioner who was given a nice high paying job. Word is the professional staff were directed to create the position and hire Shannon Burns. None of the other applicants even had a chance regardless of qualifications. A lot of political manipulation and control of staff being done by “consultant” Mark Kauffman a very connected DuPage figure working for commission president Cantore on a no bid contract.

  8. You guys sounded great this morning! Thanks big time for what you’ve done in LaSalle co. Is there anyway possible to expose Lisa Madigans sole responsibility is protecting daddy?? Can you show how the theft in Springfield has been on steroids since princess became States Attorney, like the $140 “B” BILLION stolen from A.F.S.C.M.E, where in hell is all the Lotto cash, and the $ millions it brings in everyday. Like Brian Towne, this won’t stop unless you point it out. Thanks again and can I help in anyway? ?

  9. Why does the government make such a big deal about a shooting??? People get shot everyday but since the injured were members of the government we will be hearing about this for 6 months. These people are human beings just like everyone else. They are not SPECIAL!!!! We are all equal but noone makes a big deal when a child or a common citizan gets shot its a 20 sec segment. Thats why I have never voted. I do not want to be a part of this political mess in the USA. I am Korean and was adopted from Seoul in 1959. Should have stayed in my own country. Dont care if noone likes it!!! My own personal opinion!!

    • Get involved and then vote. Korean stores were the only one not looted in LA riots since they had foresight to own guns! You come from a hardworking gene pool get involved!

  10. Still waiting for you guys to mention something about the mismanagement
    of the new high school construction…When you run the numbers it
    dwarfs any other story currently running on your site…Starting to
    get a little suspicious that you guys are ignoriong this…Millions
    of tax payer monies are being squandered in the pissing contest
    between unit 4 and dist. 95 and you guys have a cover story about
    keith trogden resigning from the transit board??? Priorities my
    friends…lets not lose track of them.

  11. This is good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all informed and shining a light on all of these turd’s sleazy ways

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