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Kraft v. Arcola Township Oral Arguments Audio –


Oral Arguments were heard this morning at 10:00 a.m. on four cases appealed out of Douglas County Circuit Court.

All four cases dealt with the Freedom of Information Act, and Kraft’s assertion that Arcola Township violated the act.

Listen to the arguments below:

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  1. What are the attorney fees for the township going to be for 2 years of legal maneuvering just to not let taxpayers see what there tax dollars are used for? Or will we ever be told

  2. County I don’t think it’s so much that the taxpayers are uneducated but the fact that they are afraid to speak up.How many people over the years have have either questioned or crossed Deana and Mark without paying a price?By nature most anyone that;s ever payed taxes has bitched about it in one way or another, we here it all the time,their to high,there’s to many of them,or what are they going to do with the money.Well in the case of the Arcola Township Board you give your part time secretary $45,000.00,credit cards,insurance,and other benfits.You give Mark Nacke $60,000.00,a truck to drive,all the gas he can use,insurance,retirement,use of township equipment for personal use and other benfits.You hire an attorney to be your FOIA officer,allow your Supervisor to sit on his hands and do nothing,let the clerk do the bidding of the part time secretary,all the while the hand picked trustees do and say nothing.The sad state of affairs is simply this,the entire Arcola Township Board is knowingly hiding taxpayer funded wrong doing.There can be no other explaination!

  3. After 2 years I see the taxpayers of Arcola township are still paying for the cover-up created by the secretary and the road commissioner and Mr. Combs and Mr. Petty is still adding to his retirement fund. Way to go court system and for the uneducated tax payers of Arcola township you have no one to blame except yourself for not taking control of this mess. Arcola township is the laughing stock of Illinois

  4. What the heck is exhibit 3? Mr. Petty sure doesn’t seem to want the judges to rule on it,and by the way,Mr. Petty sure goes out of his way to defend Judge Broach.Sounds a lot like Mr. Petty has Judge Broach’s back.

  5. Could someone tell me why Deana Shields name keeps coming up when Clerk Bill Coombe is the FOIA officer for the Township.Does anybody on that board do what they were elected to do?

  6. Its improper to not sent the requested documents to someone other than the requester. There is no reason to “assume” that Kraft’s attorney was to get the documents.

    They have to have documents concerning the compensation package, who are they kidding

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