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July 18, 2024

IDFPR & College of DuPage – IDFPR’s Failure – Part III

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 28, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR) is charged with investigating and prosecuting violations of law pertaining to certain licensed occupations in the State of Illinois.  Most would assume that when that agency turns over a case to their prosecution division it would follow the path similar to a criminal prosecution.  However, as we have exposed in Part I and Part II, it appears this agency has failed the public.

All indications point to them looking for a way to resolve the case, not to prosecute it.  This article began the exposure and we encourage you to read each one in order to have all the information that exposes what appears to be collusion between the College of DuPage, Carla Burkhart, a/k/a Herricane Graphics, and the attorney for Herricane Graphics.

Although I had filed my complaints against Carla Burkhart, a/k/a Herricane Graphics with two separate complaints, one for each contract she obtained from the College of DuPage, 2012, and 2014, that states show for cause documents and Burkhart’s Attorney’s response to the state’s case reflects not a word was raised about the 2014 contract that names Herricane Graphics as the Architect.  Considering they ignored the previous complaint on the 2014 contract, I submitted a second complaint specific to that contract. A copy of the confirmation and case number can be viewed in this document from IDFPR.

As that complaint moves forward we will follow up accordingly.  Although they do acknowledge in their letter that if they move forward my cooperation will be required, I find it amazing that they never contacted me one time in the previous case in which I possessed substantial evidence, all of which may have resulted in a prosecution instead of a simple closing of that case.

As it pertains the previous case, all indications point to Bruce Schmiedl lying to the Board of Trustees during the January 28th, 2016 board meeting.

Reading this communication from the bottom up, it is clear at this state of the investigation by the IDFPR, they had not been in contact with Schmiedl.  Had they, none of his questions would have been needed.

Schmiedl informed the Board of Trustees that he crafted a letter to the IDFPR on this matter.  After receiving it in our FOIA request we find that his statement to the board is a total misrepresentation of the facts.  Schmiedl did not craft the letter other than putting his name and information on it. Josh Feagans, attorney for Carla Burkhart, crafted the draft letter and this is a copy of Feagans communication to Schmiedl and Glaser that includes his suggested draft at the bottom of the page. The e-mail chain that the suggested draft letter was sent in can be viewed here.

Now compare the document signed by Bruce Schmiedl and sent to IDFPR in support of defending COD Foundation Board member Carla Burkhart with the draft provided by Burkhart’s attorney.  It is clear, other than telling the IDFPR who he is, Schmiedl took the exact language provided to him and used it.

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Reviewing Schmiedl’s response to the COD Trustees exposed in the video in this article, it is clear Schmiedl was not honest with them in his responses to their questions. Considering Schmiedl claims to have been contacted by the IDFPR on this matter does anyone else find it odd to put this sentence in the letter to them?

“Pursuant to your request, as relayed to us by Attorney Joshua Feagans”

Schmiedl’s own letter points the fact it was Feagans who contacted him, not IDFPR.

Part IV of this series will be to expose Schmiedl’s new problems as it relates to the 2014 Construction Management contract COD entered into with Herricane Graphics and names them as the architect.


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  • David
    Posted at 14:34h, 28 March Reply

    Schmiedl received a request from a contractor’s attorney so shouldn’t this raise a red flag to discuss this with a COD attorney since it is a serious legal matter that has legal consequences on the college? Unreal – it looks like the COD Senior Managers want to protect the Foundation members contracts with COD.

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