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April 15, 2024

DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin – Free Waterleaf meals and raised taxes –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 12, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin has injected himself into the District 4 county board primary race and appears to be willing to say or do anything to keep Tim Elliot from getting elected.

Although we are not familiar with how things have been handled in past primaries in DuPage County, most GOP organizations never endorse in a primary.  That has changed drastically this year on all fronts.  It appears the people are awake and engaged and that has forced the establishment Kingmaker to stoop to levels most have never seen before in a primary race.

For example, Ford County GOP refused to let Congressional Candidate Kyle McCarter even speak at their Lincoln Day dinner, which historically is where all candidates get a turn at the microphone.  In that race the exposed “Spank Room” Congressman Shimkus is in a run for his life for the first time and has pushed out more lies and misinformation than we have ever seen in this district.

It appears the same is happening in DuPage County.  Bloomingdale Township Republicans, home of the questionable former COD trustee Kory Atkinson.  That group spent their money ensuring everyone knew when Michelle Moore was going to be out walking and in need of support.  Yet another endorsement in a primary race by the establishment.

As the silly season continues, we see Cronin has sent out another misinformation piece that we just couldn’t ignore.

Cronin claims he is involved in the District 4 race because: “The County Board and I have worked very hard these last five years to earn your trust and confidence.”

Trust and Confidence? 

While being a participant in the problems at COD, this guy actually thinks he has earned people’s trust and confidence?  No mention of him scrambling out of his COD Foundation position when the facts started rolling out about the Waterleaf restaurant and other matters at the college.  How convenient he also failed to mention he enjoyed the fine dining at the Waterleaf on the backs of the taxpayers, which was part of the bad governance he tries to blame on Tim Elliot, who is actually cleaning it up.

The citizens of DuPage County are not stupid.  They knew Breuder, Tom Glaser and Ken Florey were all part of the problem.  How interesting to find that Dan Cronin and possibly 3 of his staff utilized the Waterleaf  to meet with the three most distrusted former COD people in the county.  I find it amazing he actually thinks he has the people’s trust and confidence.  (Read the e-mails confirming this taxpayer funded meeting of the elite) and the Breuder calendar confirming another Cronin Waterleaf meeting.

On a special note to those Cronin e-mails and the calendar with his meeting with Bruder, they were provided by a whistle-blower.  The FOIA to COD for Cronin’s emails did not produce those records? In fact, I was told the calendar did not exist.  Missing e-mails and claims records don’t exist when I already have them means someone is still trying to cover for these people.

I have submitted a FOIA to DuPage County for Cronin e-mails to COD, and it will be telling to compare what we already have to what they actually give us.

If you need any further evidence regarding trust when it comes to Dan Cronin, simply click on any of the articles at this link to get a better feel for the truth.

He claims to have eliminated three units of government in the five years he has been there.  Whoops, he forgot to tell you about the Special Service Areas created that clearly cost the taxpayers money. Feel free to read those facts at this link from Reboot Illinois.

In five years he claims three victories?  Here are two of them: “A “zombie” sanitary district was discovered, with no apparent purpose. A defunct fire district operated almost entirely on paper, having to contract with a nearby department for services.”   (Click here to read that article)

……………………., Sorry, I had to get a new keyboard as I spit my coffee out laughing over this Cronin quote from the above article.

It’s very difficult, tedious work, but it has the potential to pay huge dividends for taxpayers,” DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said.

How difficult and tedious can it be to find a “zombie” sanitary district or close a paper only fire district?  You see, when you analyze what this guy says you can see it’s filled with misinformation at best.  We are still waiting on the proof of the financial claims he has made with all these consolidations.

His letter implies he has achieved many things through teamwork, “fiscal conservatism and responsible governance”.  Simply read this article and you decide if he represents anything even remotely close to fiscal conservatism or responsible governance.

He claims he needs Michelle Moore on his team because she is a felony prosecutor and teaches religious education. “is exactly what we need on the County Board.”

Can anyone tell the public exactly why being a felony prosecutor and teaching religious education has anything to do with operating County Government?  Looking at the Powers and Duties of the County Board I just can’t seem to find anything related to those two matters.

Cronin then claims the “Daily Herald asserted”, “Michelle Moore is the safe choice for those happy with the board’s direction.”, but fails to mention the reason’s the Daily Herald did not actually endorse her, but instead endorsed Time Elliot. Nice spin Dan!  (Daily Herald Endorsement of Elliot here)

The last point of discussion from Cronin’s letter is one we pray everyone takes very seriously.  The reason they had best pay attention is because the word is, Cronin’s plan is to run for Secretary of State in two years.  In his Moore support letter he asks people to “reject the College of DuPage brand of government and politics.”

For a man that was a party to the Waterleaf scandal and a former member of the COD Foundation it’s clear he has no place in higher office, let alone the position he now holds.  The brand of government and politics he chooses to bash is in fact fixing the very things he was a party to.  If his insinuation is that the current brand is a bad thing, beware of anything this man says or does.

The current “brand” of reforms taking place at COD have set the example of how to fix a very broken system.  Cronin is part of the system and his endorsements should be evaluated with a microscope!

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