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April 24, 2024

Congressman Shimkus Exposed –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 10, 2016

US Congress (ECWd) –

Anyone living in the 15th Congressional District has been overwhelmed with the volume of lies being circulated by life-long politician John Shimkus.  I actually may have to have my mail box hinge replaced at the pace Shimkus is sending out his smear campaign to maintain his seat in Washington. A twenty-year congressman that told the voters if they send him to Washinton he will only serve 2 terms.  We all know he has not kept his word and most agree, 20 years in Washington is part of the problem we now face.

As we have done with other political figures, we follow the money.

John Shimkus claims to be a strong conservative and has advertising claims that he is a family man, Christian, etc.

Campaign Expenditure:

What is Club 1223? 

“MCCXXIII (1223) was one of Washington’s first pricey bottle-service clubs, and its upstairs VIP lounge, Spank, was the first local club to jump on the “reserve-a-bed” trend back in 2002.

“This club was the cornerstone of what I think my sister likes to call “The Gaza Strip.” In other words, it’s dancefloor was wall-to-wall Eurotrash

“If you’re stuck in the capital and have a hankering for New York nightlife (getting dressed up, waiting in line, being treated badly by doorstaff, paying a lot for drinks, gawking at a lotta wacky architecture) then this monster on Dupont Circle is for you. Come dance on the tiny dance floor, pay extra to ascend to the top floor in the “Spank” room, recline on the big banquettes and enjoy hotties with bottles. Don’t bother showing your face before 11 and make sure to dress to impress.”

MCCXXXIII (1223) closed it’s doors and a new business named Dirty Bar tried to carry on the historic venue and now has been converted to a restaurant/bar/lounge known as Dirty Martini.

Comments posted from the local reporting of the closing of the Shimkus hotspot may be rather concerning to the conservative Christian valued voters in the 15th District.

“Wow! End of a ‘herpes triangle’ neighborhood era! Let’s hope something awesome comes in its place”

Herpes Triangle?  hotties with bottles?  Eurotrash? reserve a bed?

Are these the conservative values of the voters in the 15th District?  

I hope the voters are paying attention March 15th!


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(Photos of the girls captured from links to the establishment referenced in the article and can be found here, and here)Presentation1


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  • Brad VanHoose
    Posted at 12:25h, 10 March

    I will take Shimkus over sweatshop owner Kyle McCarter anyday. Take a look at McCarters friendly deal to buy high end lineman gloves from his company….CCI. I wonder what ICC favors that will curry for Ameren and its ceaseless rate increases?

    • Ben Cook
      Posted at 18:49h, 10 March

      Brad, sweat shop? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been there? The place is one of the nicer production facilities I’ve ever seen and the employees are like family to the McCarters.

      I worked there after school while in high school and can tell you first hand that the jobs he’s providing are not only welcomed but needed.

      Meanwhile we have a career politician who’s never created a job in his life, spending $2,500 at a place that sounds just this side of a strip club.

      Why is it all the Shimkus defenders try to sling mud at McCarter instead of pointing to something, ANYTHING, that Shimkus has actually done in his 20 years in office?

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 13:11h, 10 March

    I dont put much stock in people that choose career politicians over successful business owners.

  • John
    Posted at 13:20h, 10 March

    What’s new a shitty political figure!

  • bmilleville
    Posted at 14:54h, 10 March

    .@repshimkus is this a work related expense? @GovRauner cool with this too? #il15 #ILPrimary #twill #ilgop #tcot

  • UlyssesArn
    Posted at 21:07h, 10 March

    Seems Rep. Shimkus has a thing for “eurotrash” clubs with “spank” rooms #DrainTheWashingtonSwamp…

  • rocusa
    Posted at 22:17h, 10 March

    Congressman John Shimkus Exposed.
    His voting record on conservative review:…

  • Ric Stephenson
    Posted at 18:17h, 11 March

    How about just focusing on the issues, there are enough of them, rather than these imbecilic attacks. It’s an insult to the intelligence of voters when this is how you want to influence their vote. Oh, that’s right. Republican voters are pretty stupid..

  • cedric
    Posted at 05:41h, 13 March

    shimkus is representative of the disfunction and obstructionism we have seen from congress the last several years, he needs to go!