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April 18, 2024

Edgar Co. Board Member Heltsley admits he cannot prove claims –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 10, 2016


We tried to verify Edgar County Board Member Mike Heltsley’s claims of “utterly useless spending and diminished services” in his recent letter to the editor.

Guess what happened when I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for anything supporting his claims?


That’s right, there was nothing to support his allegations.

He wrote a letter, signed it as a board member, and could not produce anything to support his claims.

This is the reason for FOIA, and the reason to always verify things public officials tell you. It makes it easier to inform the public.

The FOIA Request:

Copy of everything that substantiates the claim, made by County Board Member Charles Michael Heltsley, of the “utterly useless expenditures and scaled back public services”, as quoted from is Letter to the Editor of the so-called Prairie Press. The quote made it appear this is a current situation in Edgar County, just need it verified.


Heltsley’s Response:


Mike asked me to reply that his thoughts and opinions are derived from observations and experiences as a Board member;  and there are no documents responsive to your request.


So he observed things that he cannot document, and experienced things as a board member he cannot prove, and everyone is supposed to take him at his word?

Here are other instances of him being completely wrong (taken from an article we wrote two years ago), so we wont take him at his word:

– I retired from Department of Corrections – LIE – He was removed for reasons not publicly released yet, however, sources point to his actions leading to his termination.

– I am a “covert investigator” – LIE (there is no such thing)

– I feel harassed – (he probably feels guilty instead)

– I took the Open Meetings Act Training – (NOT according to the Attorney General)

– I wrote tons of jail inspection reports, was in the same office – LIE (click here)

– I was intimately involved in that investigation – LIE (click here)

– Letter to the editor claiming he’s trying to save taxpayer’s money – LIE (click here)

– Claims Jimmy Wells had eviction authority – LIE (click here)

– Claims four people wanting to bid on the airport business lease – LIE (click here)

– Doesn’t want commercial operation at the airport – LIE (click here)


– Says he never reads anything before voting on it

– Tries to justify the concept of bid-rigging (click here)

– Claims it is nobody’s business how the airport operates (click here)

– Claims we have no right to know about illegal public bank accounts (click here)

– Wanted to show a local insurance company the quotes from others before deciding which one to approve (click here)

– Places an extra large, 4 foot by 8 foot, racist political sign in his front yard

– Colluded with Chris Patrick, Jimmy Wells, and Adonna Bennett on the airport lies

– Voted NO on Deputy pay raises as political stunt against the Sheriff (click here)

– Violated people’s rights while performing as an Edgar County Deputy with illegal traffic stops to satisfy his own curiosity – (click here – page 20 – line 21-23)



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