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Has Lisa Madigan directed selective PAC determinations?


Having been involved in several Requests for Reviews with the Public Access Counselor’s office, it has become overwhelmingly clear that Lisa Madigan’s office has apparently directed her PAC to file every request we submit under the bottom of the pile, never to have a determination made. Surely this is not the level of service other people experience when dealing with the Attorney General.

This is a followup article to one written on December 29, 2013 (here).

THREE years and counting, is how long it has been for one particular Request for Review of alleged unauthorized fees imposed by the Clark County Rural Water District in response to a FOIA request.

THREE years and the AG’s PAC cannot seem to figure out if the fees were consistent with the Freedom of Information Act.

THREE years since money was paid for public records, when it need not be paid.

THREE years with every inquiry on its status having the reply of “it’s currently waiting on signature”.

THREE years waiting, while Lisa Madigan professes to make timely determinations.

It is time for the legislature to amend FOIA to allow citizens to file suit against the Attorney General’s office for failure to act.


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  1. The answer to your question in this stories headline is, yes, obviously. My question is knowing that fact now as it’s apparently part of problem of a transparent government according to our laws in place in Illinois currently…HOW can We the People implement SIGNIFICANT changes in OUR government agencies like this one you complain about in these ongoing stories about our AG office and specifically our AG Lisa Madigan? How can we do it? Please be specific in a your proposition to do that. Thanks and have a nice day?

  2. Consider this, if our public servants whose primary duty is to uphold the law intentionally break the law, the law is rendered meaningless and the public loses trust in everything they do and will NOT obey any laws voluntarily, obviously. Lots of questions remain unanswered obviously… What else are they lying about? What other secrets are they hiding from public exposure? What other laws do they break to suit their needs? Are their any consequences for their actions? Why not? How can we the people implement SIGNIFICANT changes in OUR government agencies and public institutions? Get MORE informed. Get MORE involved. Take action today please. Thank you and have a nice day.

  3. Its the Chitcago way… you have to make a $1000 campaign donation first then you’ll have access to the public servant