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College of DuPage – Subpoena request – interesting parallel!

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

I find it rather interesting to see what the Tribune has reported in relation to the items contained in the criminal investigation subpoenas. Interesting because each and every item requested in the subpoenas, with the exception of Breuder’s calendar, we have written about over the last several months.  (Chicago Tribune report)

Employment agreements, contracts, extensions, addenda:

College-issued credit cards, regulations, policies, and direction regarding the use and purpose of those cards:

Credit card statements, including supporting documentation for his expenses and any reimbursements he may have made :

Case made that Breuder’s expenditures violate the law:.

No-bid contracts awarded to Herricane Graphics:

The grand jury is seeking copies of Burkhart’s professional licensing, as well as all contracts, extensions and invoices related to Herricane Graphic:

It will take a fair amount of time for investigators to review, cross reference, validate etc. but I am confident at the end of the day, they too will see the very problems we have been writing about for months.

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