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July 21, 2024

Laws matter…..even for the law enforcers!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 31, 2014


As our regular readers know, the outgoing Coles County Sherriff is no newcomer to violating the law, and to date has never been held accountable, other than a letter telling him not to do it anymore.

When a person puts on a badge and has the task of ensuring our laws are followed, most of us expect them to follow it themselves.  Sadly yet again we see in Coles county that is not the case.

Democrat Greg Voudrie is seeking the voters’ support to become the Coles County Sheriff.  He is running against Republican Jimmy Rankin.

After reviewing both candidate’s D-2 Forms filed with the State Board of Elections, Mr. Voudrie’s D-2 forms contained some disturbing things that jumped out at us.  Disturbing because some of the campaign expenditures are paid to Lakeland Community College.

What’s the problem?

Utilizing a public body to print his campaign material may well be deemed as a form of electioneering on state property but more importantly he is utilizing a taxpayer funded public body to print his campaign materials which violates the law.

Public bodies are not permitted to use public funds for private purpose.  It is clear, public funds were used in order to fill the order placed by Mr. Voudrie.  More interesting is the fact no sales tax was collected.

Many will say this is a Lakeland Community College problem not a Greg Voudrie problem, and for the most part I agree.  However, people need to realize Lakeland is not asking for your vote to enforce the law on the citizens of Coles County.

How does it make you feel knowing the very person asking for your vote has no problem engaging in what I would call a purchasing scheme that utilizes our tax dollars to create campaign material for any candidate, let alone one wanting your vote?  Or the fact that he is spending his money with a public body who is participating in an act not permitted by law and in direct competition with local businesses?

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