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May 20, 2024

Gardenview Manor in the Gary Weinard Sewer –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 9, 2014


Part of the agreement for the sale of the Vermilion County Nursing Home was to include a sewer hookup to the Village of Tilton sewer system. We reported on this here and here starting almost 9 months ago.
This new sanitary sewer system was properly designed and permitted, but it was not constructed in conformance to the permits.  In fact, it was incorrectly installed by a no-bid contractor using some labor from the Vermilion County staff.
The Vermilion County board chairman, who has oversight of all things in his full time paid position, is known for cutting corners however it suits him.  He forgets that this county is not his own business to run.  He has forgotten that he works for the taxpayers and is supposed to do what is best for them.  Many citizens who have asked for his help have been told to take their problems elsewhere.
Back to the subject at hand.  There is currently a large stack of sanitary sewer construction materials which are piled on the nursing home property.  Does Gary Weinard think that people will soon forget that this system is improperly constructed with a high likelihood that problems will develop?  It is not likely.  This unused manhole and pile of green pipe stands as a monument to his failure to make wise decisions.
The engineer who designed this system recognized the failures during his inspection and has submitted a redesign for a new permit.  How much did it cost taxpayers to have to redo the plans, paperwork, and EPA permit?  Gary Weinard’s failure to hire a competent contractor who knows how to install sanitary sewer systems has become a liability to his credibility.
Questions which need to be answered:
Was the contractor licensed to build a sewer system of this magnitude?
How much money was wasted on the first attempt to build this system?
How much money was wasted because the engineer had to be called back to help fix the problems caused by the incompetent contractor chosen by the incompetent chairman?
Does Gary Weinard have enough knowledge to oversee this type of a project?
Would it have been money well spent to have the licensed qualified engineer provide a little bit of inspection?
If the nontillable property were sold instead of given away, could that have paid for the sewer repairs?
Nursing home residents deserve to live in a place which has legally and properly installed facilities.  It appears the Vermilion County Board Chairman doesn’t care about basic needs or about doing the right thing.  Weinard has served the county for many years and probably seems to think his sewer doesn’t stink.  We assure you, it certainly does!


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