Initial $16,010.96 of Problem Sewage Work –


In a follow-up to this previous article, we received responses to our FOIA requests seeking information on the costs associated with the shoddy work performed in an attempt at connecting the Nursing Home sewage system into the City of Tilton system.

We do know it was stated during public meetings that the project was on track, going good, and all kinds of other positive comments, but the truth was quite different. The project Engineer sent a letter to the board detailing deficiencies in the work performed. At this time we do not know what steps have been toaken to correct the problem (if any).

Here is a what this cost as of November 17, 2013:

It is important to note that there was no written contract – it was verbal between Mr. Weinard (County Board Chairman), Mr. Newell (Backhoe Operator), and Mr. Cravens. So, nothing is in writing as a guarantee protecting the county in case of work not meeting expected standards.

Backhoe Operator: $5000.00
Sand: $1643.02
Grate/Frame: $575.00
Tile: $6180.70
Misc: $149.74
Engr/Permit: $3037.50
Vermilion County Employee Cost: UNKNOWN

 TOTAL (Without labor): $16585.96

Our next update will include the cost to fix what they already paid for, and whether or not Tilton allowed the connection to be made.

(Documents here)

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