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June 18, 2024

IVPA: Cops kill kids, dollars for day care, thugs & criminals hired!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 27, 2014


Just when you think you have seen it all, another “spectacular” event shows itself as it relates to the Governor’s anti-violence program Co-Chaired by Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  I can only assume Rich Miller with Capital Fax is either asleep at the wheel like Lisa Madigan, or too lazy to read the records as clearly this is yet another spectacular event that relates to the wrongdoings within the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority (IVPA)

As reported in this article the program counselors were teaching parents that it’s the Cops who are killing the kids at night so that is the reason they should comply with curfew laws.  Then in this article we see grant money being used for Day Care, essentially Dollars for Day Care.

We can now confirm youths hired with our tax money were street thugs and criminals, and one of them is dead and another facing murder charges after their involvement in a home invasion/robbery gone bad.  The 17 year old accidentally shot the other youth in the back of the head during a home invasion. (ABC 7 Coverage)

An e-mail from an irate resident, justifiably, calls out those in charge for such a despicable use of our tax money.  If those in the community can see the problem, you would think those implementing the hiring of criminals could see it also, but no, instead they respond with twisting of her words and basically justifying the program.

The irate citizen did not ask that the program be dismantled, as is referenced in the response e-mail letter.  She stated that they need to re-think and redo the program.

Sad to see that even after the killing of children, those involved focus on spin and justification instead of facing the facts, which clearly point to a failed system filled with criminal acts that to date have gone without prosecution.

Governor Quinn and and every person involved with this program should resign immediately for total incompetence!

(Click here to download the e-mails)

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