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April 18, 2024

Governor Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative: “Cops Kill Kids” –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 14, 2014


Rest assured, the title is not a typo.  Recently reviewed records pertaining to the Anti Violence Program, which has now become a major campaign problem for Governor Quinn, reveal the so called “anti”- violence program fell well short of ensuring a decrease in violence.

In fact, many could argue it caused more, considering what we are seeing out of Chicago the past weekend with over 82 shootings and 14 killings during the 4th of July weekend.  (click here for local report on those shootings)

With a growing lack of trust in our government one can only wonder who was overseeing the Governor’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiate program (NRI) and those on the street counseling families.

One particular family counselor out of the “Pricsy Production Outreach Program” actually instructed the family dealing with curfew issue’s to teach their kids that it is the Cops who are killing kids at night.

“I told her to tell him that late night is the prime time that you get harassed & killed by police“.  (Click here for actual document)

 “We talked about speaking w/child about dangers of being out on streets late, such as shootings, Police brutality(Click here for actual document-typed as found in document)

What kind of program to curb violence at the cost of $millions of taxpayer dollars thinks teaching kids that the Cops are the ones killing, harassing, and committing police brutality is actually a good plan?

Governor Quinn, by all indications from the thousands of documents we have reviewed, may well be the 5th Governor of this state to face prison time.  The scathing report from the Auditor General leaves little question this $54 Million Dollar political slush fund was a total failure as it relates to curbing violence.  The report appears to have been key to what has now lead to a criminal investigation by the Feds.   (Click here for Auditor Generals Report on the NRI)

A program that teaches families of trouble kids that the Cops are the bad guys, in a city riddled with gang violence, does nothing to solve violence and actually tends to push the gangs narrative that the Cops are the bad guys, thus increasing the chances these kids turn to the Gangs. 

The Governor and all involved should be ashamed for this kind of educational program to our children but I think we are beyond public officials being ashamed of anything. 

God Helps Us!




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  • Cassius Methyl
    Posted at 14:37h, 14 July

    //////redacted for vulgar language//////

  • Cory
    Posted at 20:04h, 14 July

    “Peppermint Patti” Quinn. He wouldn’t know common sense if he tripped over it.