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May 25, 2024

S.D. has battled with CNSI for six years to make digital upgrade…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 6, 2014

From the Argus Leader:
Jonathan Ellis, SFA 11:29 p.m. CDT April 5, 2014
On paper, it was a simple plan.
The state — with assistance from the federal government — would replace the aging, 1970s-era computer system that helped administer South Dakota’s Medicaid program. Through a bidding process, a Maryland-based computer company with ties to the federal government was chosen to build the new system.
That was in 2008.
Today, the state is no closer to completing that project than it was four years ago, and what appeared to be a simple concept on paper has instead turned into a quagmire.
The state has spent most of the $62 million budgeted for the new computer system, and South Dakota is at odds with contractor Client Network Services regarding how to resolve differences on the project.
No completion in sight for S.D…Continue reading

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