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May 20, 2024

Part-Time Corrections Officer Investigated "The Letter Update" –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 3, 2014

As promised in this article (click here), we finally received the FOIA request back from the Illinois State Police.
It turns out there was an investigation into allegations that a corrections officer traded prescription drugs for sex.

The Edgar County Sheriff Department contact the Illinois State Police, Zone 5, in February of 2012 to investigate these allegations. After a thorough investigation into the allegations, the State Police presented the evidence to the Edgar County State’s Attorney. He punted it the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, Special Prosecutor David Rands.
Davis Rands evaluated the investigative documents and wrote a letter to Judge Garst explaining that he did not feel there was enough credible evidence to warrant the filing of charges against the former jailer. I said former jailer because he was fired.

So in the end, Sheriff Motley did the right thing and asked the Illinois State Police to investigate the allegations, which were turned over to the Special Prosecutor, who in turn deemed there was not enough credible evidence to file any charges. That is how the process is supposed to work. We should be proud that it wasn’t an attempted cover up like the 2 convicted jailers under Tim Crippes, when he, Shane St. Clair and Roger Hopper tried to cover it up, even advising them to “resign with dignity” (click here).

Why was it kept quiet? Simply because there was not enough credible evidence to warrant charges, therefore the public was not informed. They typically don’t inform the public about investigations that don’t wield credible evidence of wrong-doing. But since the spineless letter-writer mentioned it, you can now read all about it (click here for the complete investigative file).

Finally, this was an attempt at discrediting Sheriff Motley that failed. By the way, we have received no response to our offer for the writer to send supporting documents to back up the claims made in the letter, which much like this claim about the jailer, are most likely all false.
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