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May 17, 2024

Proud of it? Put your name on it…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 5, 2014

It seems like a certain person has decided to send a pathetic anonymous letter out to the the good citizens of Edgar County. Kind of makes you wonder why it was unsigned, with no return address? Shouldn’t they be proud of their “revelations” included in the letter? The really funny part were all the claims made, with no supporting documents, claiming they can prove it, with no one signing the letter – and all of that while claiming we lie. Kind of hard to ask for proof that way.
After reading the letter, my first thought was to ignore it since the author was too spineless to sign it, but after a few minutes I felt the right thing to do would be to invite whomever wrote it to send us the “verification” they so proudly boasted of having.
You can send it to:
7060 Illinois Highway 1
Paris, Illinois 61944
You can even send it unsigned with no return address, but please tell us where to get official copies of this “verification”. That’s what we do, we verify with public records prior to publication. We will verify what you send and then publish it. Couldn’t ask for anything more than that could you?

OK, now let’s start on the letter…

-Yes there is a primary coming up and the current Sheriff is running for re-election. This first sentence is the only true sentence in the two-page unsigned letter.
-“He’s not from here” – Now that one is funny…and you said it more than once…you should be so proud of that… I don’t know why you didn’t sign it! Are you mad because he is upsetting the good-ole-boy applecart? I suspect the person writing the letter is not from “here” either, maybe from Olney?
-“He doesn’t care about the people here” – I suppose a disgruntled, prisoner abusing, former deputy could come up with that conclusion, but I truly believe Sheriff Motley wants the best for all citizens of Edgar County – even this letter writer.
-“Financial bleeding with no remorse” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. There is no financial bleeding, a department head makes a budget, the county board approves the budget. During his tenure, he has come in under budget every year except the first year. The first year’s budget was written by the former crook sheriff (who was over budget by $157,351 he last year in office) and approved by the former board. This past fiscal year under Motley, close to $50,000 was returned to the county general fund because the Sheriff’s Department was under budget…again.
***UPDATE 2-9-2014: This article from November 27, 2013 will put the “financial bleeding” to rest (CLICK HERE).
-“we have gathered much more information” – Oooh, keep me in suspense. Please send this “information” to the address listed above.
-“our county has been in constant turmoil since Ed Motley was elected”  You got that one right, but it is not due to anything Motley did or did not do…that turmoil lands squarely on the backs of the county board (current and former). It is their inaction that has kept this turmoil flowing; with refusing to collect on a $100,000 debt owed by Dee Burgin, refusing to acknowledge conflicts of interest of Chris Patrick, allowing employees to violate the Freedom Of Information Act, fraudulent grant applications, lies on audits, to allowing Nannette Crippes to get by with fraudulently obtaining public funds…read our website – the verification, in the form of public records, is there for all to see.
-“this is the same time the watchdogs started harassing and bullying people” – LOL, you must have had a few front page articles written about you. I would like to ask you to define harass and bully, all we have done is shine the light on all the good-ole-boy operations of the past few years. Getting this truthful information out in the open is the only way to look towards a bright future.
-“It is our opinion this is not a coincidence” – You are entitled to your opinion, but that does not equate to “verified” information. Kirk Allen was hammering on 911 well before Motley was elected, and exposed the fact that the dispatchers were out of training compliance for as much as 6 years.  I suppose you think if another Sheriff were elected we would scurry off into a hole somewhere and disappear? I guess everybody can have a dream…
-“watchdogs have told so many lies” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. We have posted the actual government documents to each and every claim we have made. How can that be a lie? This unsigned letter, of course, must be the truth LOL.
-“Made changes to the Sheriff’s Department” –  Cry me a river…Please send this “verification” of the $18,000 badges to the address listed above. Every new Sheriff makes changes, some more than others. Did he upset the good-ole-boy applecart again?
-“purchased inmate meals from Terre Haute, Indiana” – Please send this “verification” of this $20,000 cost to taxpayers to the address listed above. He did purchase meals from Indiana, that ensured the inmates received the required meals according to law. Your calculations failed to include the money received from the Clark County Sheriff for the meals he purchased from Edgar County.
-“over 25 employees have left” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. What you failed to mention is that of those that have left, some were people that retired, others I’m sure quit because they didn’t like the changes, others were fired after being found guilty of civil rights violations under the former Sheriff, but we all know it has not been 25 people.
You talk about the “years of experience lost” but some of that is experience we didn’t need…left over from the former administration…like a giant zit getting ready to pop…good riddance.
-“we need to put a stop to the double dipping” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. This “double dipping” you talk about has actually saved the Edgar County Taxpayer thousands of dollars per year. This savings comes mainly from training, health insurance, and retirement that these so called “double dippers” save our county. Let’s talk about double dipping for a second – Nannette Crippes worked two Edgar County jobs under the former Sheriff, during the same working hours (911 and Sheriff Dept) while getting paid twice for the same hours worked. Now THAT is what I call double dipping! Wait, how about this for double dipping: run the ambulance service into the ground, “buy it” from the county without paying a penny of the $100,000 sale price, cash in over $12,000 worth of “hour worked” in the last month on county payroll, steal $43,000 from the county and pay it back without interest, and turn around and sell it for a few million dollars a couple years later.
-“the Chief Deputy” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. Every Sheriff gets to hire any Chief Deputy he or she chooses to hire. Period. That is why they are not unionized. You complain of the fuel and miles? How about this for fuel and miles – Nannette Crippes was given a leased car AND fuel just to drive from her home to work and back home every day. That was an over $900 per month cost to the taxpayers. They “fixed it” by “only” giving her $500 per month for a “vehicle allowance”. So, she gets $500 per month just so she can get to work. All of this under the same watchful eye of a 911 board appointed by the former county board.
-“part time correctional officer investigated” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. Never heard of that one> But the former sheriff and two current candidates for sheriff helped attempt to “resign with dignity” the two jailers caught and prosecuted for sex with inmates under Tim Crippes’ watch. One comment from the deposition was “I figured if the Sheriff [Crippes] could do it, so could I” when the jailer was asked why he did it.
***UPDATE 2-9-2014: There appears to be some credibility to this claim on it’s surface. However, the results of this investigation will surprise you, and will in no way be a “mark” on Motley’s record – quite the opposite actually. We will write a separate article on this when all of the FOIA’d information from local and state agencies comes in.
-“many people believe Voigt is part of the watchdogs” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. I guess you can have your own opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s true.
-“terminated 2 deputies” – Good riddance! These two former deputies, one of which was found guilty in federal court of violating a female prisoner’s civil rights by participating in illegal strip and body cavity searches. The other disgruntled former deputy is a candidate for sheriff and will certainly put the civil rights violator back to work if elected. Motley filed a lawsuit long before the biased arbitrator’s decision, and besides…arbitration is only for union deputies. These two were not union deputies.
-“no drug arrests in the county” – Do you really expect anyone to believe that Burgin – the civil rights violator, and Hopper – we all know why he doesn’t work for the city anymore, are the only two people that could ever effect a drug arrest? HAHAHHA – what a joke. There have been drug arrests since these two rejects were terminated, and I have the stats – just haven’t had time to write the article yet. These stats do not include “planting” evidence nor does it include illegal strip and body cavity searches – just plain true police work.
***UPDATE 2-9-2014: This (CLICK HERE) will put that “no drug arrests” statement to rest.
-“the jail…it is well known that most feel” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above.  The Budd lawsuit came after the county lost the lawsuits when Crippes and Farnham were Sheriff. Motley told the truth about the conditions of the jail when talking to the press. Would you rather he lie about it…wait, you don’t have to answer that…
UPDATE 2-7-2012 – After reviewing the court documents on the Budd lawsuit mentioned in this unsigned letter, the suit was because of actions in the jail during the Crippes regime including three separate arrests and detentions at the jail. The third arrest also included a couple of months into when Motley was elected – He took office in December 2010 and the suit included a time-frame that went into January 2011. It was the conditions in the jail that was the main complaint.
-“The information we have gathered can all be verified” – Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. Please send this “verification” to the address listed above. There, I asked you three times. I won’t hold my breath. If you do send it and I can verify it, I will publish it.
-“These aren’t twisted lies like the watchdogs tell” – Umm, we don’t tell lies, we publish the public records obtained from public bodies for each and every article we write…unlike this letter…and we put our names on it! Do you realize how pathetic this letter looks? Wait,…you don’t have to answer that…
-“numerous investigations for the watchdogs” – A taxpaying citizen should expect nothing less. I’m sure he conducts investigations for everyone that comes in and is willing to sign their name to a truthful complaint. That’s how things are supposed to work. On the other hand, if the claims made in the police complaint were false, I would expect to be charged with filing a false police report – which hasn’t happened by the way…
-“not one of these investigations have resulted in charges against anyone” – That is something we, “The Edgar County Watchdogs” (not to be confused with Voigt or Motley) will address at the next election where a State’s Attorney will be elected. A Sheriff cannot “charge” anyone, that is the State’s Attorney’s job and he can simply choose not to do it, which is the path he chose to take on Jimmy Wells even though the evidence supported forgery and from what we understand he more or less told the board that.
I’ll put it this way: If I were to drive 100 miles per hour between Paris and Chrisman, and not get a speeding ticket…does that mean I was not speeding? If I sold guns illegally, but were never charged with a crime, does that mean I never sold guns illegally?
Is real life like the old Tower of Power song: It’s Not The Crime (It’s If You Get Caught)?
***UPDATE 2-6-2014: The “letter writer” is “not from here” either – he is originally from Olney, IL. Also, this letter meets the definition of “election communications” according to the Illinois Election Code since it is communications “for or against” any candidate for public office or for or agaqinst any referendum. Once an individual exceeds the $3000 threshold, it must be reported to the election commission. He has either exceeded that already with the 4×8 and smaller signs plus this letter, or he is quickly approaching the threshold.



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  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Posted at 22:59h, 05 February

    When some ignorsnt, self-serving rube brings up the “issue” of Motley hiring “out-of-towner” former chief deputy Guess, there is only one thing to consider, while there are several important questions to ask said rube.
    Guess was hired because he had demonstrated integrity and competence while on the state police – and he couldn’t be influenced. He had no ties to Edgar County.
    After considering integrity, competence and impartiality, ask these questions:
    1. Where were the two former deputies and one former chief deputy (who now want to be sheriff) when all of the reported misconduct was going on during the tenure of Tim Crippes ? You remember, the evidence, cash and guns that were not being evidence catalogued (and more). It’s required by IL law, and evidence inventory has been one of the most elementary rules of evidence and police procedures since, oh, let’s see, the 1970s?
    2. Who was in charge of evidence under Crippes?
    3. Who’s case evidence was not properly catalogued / inventoried ? (It starts with the investigating officer. Was any of it THEIR case evidence?)
    4. What significant steps did any of the three take to address and remedy the situations and misconduct?
    5. Did they document their efforts?
    Any good cop knows to protect himself and document anything he does to address corruption / wrongdoing, always ensures he confides in his personal attorney + someone he trusts with his life AND provides them the road map to the evidence. Ass / u / me ing of course, he first went to the State’s Attorney, Attorney General, FBI or combination thereof.
    So, what IS the answer? Were the three candidates all either complicit in the misconduct, or were they incapable or unwilling to step up to the plate and affect positive change under Tim? Either way, they were part of the problem and need not again darken the doorway of the Edgar County Sheriff’s
    And that, my friends, is why it was necessary for motley to hire a chief deputy not only from “outside the pool” but most importantly, from outside Edgar County.

    • Doris
      Posted at 14:13h, 06 February

      Doesn’t make sense to send out the letter without the proof of verification to back up their letter of hearsay??? And since the letter is unsigned (gutless) they probably figure they can’t be sued for defamation.

  • franklin
    Posted at 07:15h, 06 February

    Who in edgar county has received this letter? I havent .
    Is it being mailed to every edgar county address?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 07:58h, 06 February

      I believe it is going out to registered voters of Edgar County. The rest will probably show up in today’s mail deliveries.

      • jmkraft
        Posted at 20:32h, 06 February

        On further review, it appears to only have gone to Republican Voters?

        • Norm Wilson
          Posted at 21:04h, 07 February

          I got one…and I don’t think we’re listed as republicans.

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 11:54h, 06 February

    Great commentary on an outrageous letter! An obvious smear campaign designed with little regard for truth and with lots of opinion. Classic, and of course as you point out, no ownership or responsibility for those comments made.
    I too, received this letter and have noticed a few things that I feel are worth mentioning, but I won’t comment on all of them. Ed Motley is not from here. Obviously: and by all accounts he certainly appears to be better educated, better trained and more experienced in both our prison system and law enforcement than the other candidates. Quite simply, he has experience and education you can’t get here in Paris.
    “Not from Paris” also means, he doesn’t know or care about the social pecking order of those that feel gifted; nor does he make special accommodations for those that feel they are particularly special. Imagine that, no special favors. Isn’t that what we really want in a sheriff? Everyone to be treated the same?
    And here’s a surprise. There are a lot of people living and working here in Paris that weren’t born and raised here. Certainly you’re not suggesting that all the doctors, nurses, engineers, technicians and anyone else not originating from Paris are less equal or less able to contribute to our community in a good way are you? I hope not, my point is that we’re all living together and that we’re all equal: not that some of us are better than others. We’re Americas, we live in the land of the free…and equal. Some of us are not “more equal” than others because of our place of birth or social standing. Get it?
    You then allege double dipping as a big deal and a real concern. Isn’t that something like when you’re paid twice for working the same hours? I think so. Not the case here; earned pensions are an entirely separate issue. Working hard for a living and providing a better standard of living for your family is the American way. Motley, Guess, Metcalf and others just followed their employer’s rules, did their job and when the time came, left. Then, they found new employment. Good for them.
    Sadly, you end your first page by impugning the integrity of employees and officers presently working for the sheriff by stating “if they were honest”…meaning of course, that they are not. That’s pathetic.
    I could go further, but listen. Pushing hate around in our community with statements like “vote for anyone other than” says more about you, your friends and your style of labeling people than it does about any of the other candidates that are better or worse.
    Demeaning the Edgar County Watchdogs because they support open and honest government is simply your way of avoiding the facts. They investigate, write about corruption and provide documents. Obviously, you don’t like them as messenger (s); but have you taken the time to consider the message? You should.
    If it’s the sudden awareness of wrong doing in our community that’s what is bothering you, perhaps it’s because you’ve stopped using the Beacon News as your only source of information. In regards to the FOIA process you seem to be bothered with, here’s something to think about.
    I’ve exercised my legal right to ask for documents from the Division of Aeronautics, from the Edgar County Airport, from the City of Paris, Edgar County and others. I’ve discovered our past county airport manager, Jimmy Wells deliberately lied, deceived and fraudulently completed our counties federal application for a fuel farm and apron expansion. Jimmy Wells submitted this on behalf of the county while working under the Edgar County Airport Advisory Board and while Chris Patrick, owner of the Zimmerly Readi-Mix Concrete Company chaired this board. These deliberate statements of fraud by Jimmy Wells resulted in an apparent need to the Illinois Division of Aeronautics for more than 1000 cubic yards of concrete. Concrete delivered on this $800,000.00 + project could result in well over $175,000.00 in sales to the lucky concrete supplier.
    The facts are, this project is unwarranted and unjustified based on the statements made by Jimmy Wells and documents provided. It should be this Counties first responsibility to stop this illegal project, now that we’re aware of the details. Unfortunately, at this particular moment our county board; which is well aware of these fraudulent claims is hoping to “slide by” with a project they don’t need or can‘t legally justify. The easiest way for this project to end would be for an honest decision from the county board. Those are the kind of decisions they are hard put to make. FYI, their authorization of $65,000 in borrowed county money pledged months ago continues to move this project along.
    In that regard, and in the continued progress of his unwarranted project, I only ask that you stand by for new developments: I believe they are on their way.
    So, what is it really that your letters about? Does this sheriff’s candidate look so much better than your candidate; that you must secretly voice your opinion from the darkness? Or, are you one of the opposing candidates hoping a few half truths will improve your chances? Is it the Edgar County Watchdogs and the facts the bother you the most, or perhaps that you don’t want a more open, honest and better government? Is it now your great distain for the messenger(s) because the message is contrary to your interests and the evidence is so damming or is it that you’re just having a bad day? Hard to tell.

  • RICO
    Posted at 22:27h, 07 February

    Well spoken Mr Bogue. And you had the backbone to sign your name to your comments. I commend your decision to speak for what you believe.
    In the converse – there are those in Edgar County, such as those promoting the anti-Motley information, who hitch their wagons, so to speak, to a certain group, apparently for no good reason other than thinking they will gain something for doing so. Maybe they hope to gain or keep their retail business, obtain a loan, a job, or are just attempting to gain favor with those whom they believe have the power to benefit them in some manner.
    Those who’s judgement falters when presented with what they believe is “opportunity” should remember that it’s much easier to hitch up their wagon than it is to unhitch and seperate themselves from it when trouble arrives on the horizon. For some, there will be no seperating themselves.
    As “opportunity” fades and is replaced by the demand for accountability and truth, false allegiances of convenience and gain will quickly crumble.
    Friendships will evaporate and,for some, there will be only pieces that remain.
    Patientia – Aequitas Equitas

  • Al Schneider
    Posted at 16:25h, 09 February

    I had planned to pen a note voicing my opinions about the unsigned bit of garbage about our present Sheriff. My feelings are covered very well in Rob Bogue’s well written letter so reread Rob’s note.
    Any observations penned by a person too cowardly to sign his or her name are good for one thing and one thing only——-Toilet paper!!

  • Keepin 'em Honest'
    Posted at 19:27h, 16 February

    Not pickin on Tom – this should go for all of them, but since his is the first I looked at:
    I checked out Tom Dolan’s campaign videos and have a few Qs:
    1. How does he intend to pay for the police training + firearms qualification for additional deputies.
    2. How does the County cover “volunteers” re liability?
    3. How does he intend to pay for state certified training for volunteer deputies?
    4. Regarding “finishing first in the Police Academy”
    Each candidate should provide supporting documentation of their training + their departure paperwork from previous law enforcement + non-law enforcement jobs, or at least provide the info so it can be FOIAd.
    Which police academy, where did he work as a cop, any discipline, eetc. an verifiable reason for leaving.
    Think I’ll look at Keith Kenny’s next.

  • Stop Right There, Mister!
    Posted at 19:39h, 16 February

    Looking at Roger Hopper’s campaign site, I had to stop as soon as I read the statement that there had been no drug arrests in Edgar County since he left (was fired?) from the sheriff’s department.
    He has ZERO credibility, if we are to believe our own eyes with the drug arrest synopsis + supporting documentation the Watchdogs have provided.
    I want to know more from him about the quadro tracker thing in the other letter.
    To be honest, I stopped as soon as I read his NO DRUG ARREST statement. I needn’t read any further.
    Couldn’t find anything from Keith Kenny.

  • Missing In Action + Part of the Previous Problems + Big Marketing Ideas = Disaster in the Waiting
    Posted at 20:16h, 16 February

    I see nothing from Shane St. Clair. How does he expect to be elected if he doesn’t provide information to voters?
    Besides, he worked for Tim and did nothing to make things better or fix what was wrong.
    Who does that leave?
    PS, how does Roger Hopper plan to fix the evidence problem at the sheriff’s
    department? Oh, wait a minute, he WAS part of that problem .
    Rumor is, he was just hired by Department of Corrections. How do you do both? Which is the priority? Was the Corrections job rumor just that, a rumor?
    Also, I see he wants volunteer deputies, too. That’s just what we need, a bunch of volunteer cops out there carrying guns and carrying deputy cards. Wait a minute, where have we seen that go terribly wrong lately? Talk about exposing the county to a truck load of liability while exposing citizens and passers-through alike to sub-standard enforcement efforts. TRUE auxilliary forces have their place, and Edgar County has had a few good men in an auxilliary position (Gary Hall) (Tom Sunkel – Civil Defense)+ a couple more I can’t readily name but can picture in my mind. All were competent, honest men of virtue. Most importantly, after being honest men, none of them had egos that let their mouths over ride their asses. Face it folks, now-a-days, it takes an actual program that is rigidly structured, with proper training, proper oversite and complete accountability. What about uniforms? Who pays for those? Under Tim, just about everyone except for Davie Neal was wearing blue jeans, MAYBE a uniform shirt, and a ball cap. What a circus Tim ran. You couldn’t even ID a working deputy. God bless you Davie. You demonstrated ethics and dedication and professionalism. So did Jeff Hodge. After all of that, consider the training standards set forth by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. What does the Board have to say about volunteers? I thought the days of volunteer deputy cards / letters of authorization, etc., went out the window with Clyde Garwood, but Tim proved us wrong on that one. Let’s not encourage any more of it! Besides, how would any sheriff have the MONEY in the budget, time, staffing, and accessibility to training to have an accountable and competent auxilliary force?
    NEXT !