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April 25, 2024

Edgar County Drug Arrests for the past 2 years –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 7, 2014

As promised in a previous article, the FOIA received from the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department shows the total numbers of arrests, by category, and below are the total numbers of drug related arrests made in the past 2 years.
There have also been 753 Failure To Appear arrests and 41 DUI arrests for 2012/2013.
“Drug related arrests” for the purposes of this article include: possession/substance, possession/paraphernalia, possession/intent to deliver, possession of plants, and criminal drug conspiracy.
Does this look like “there have been no drug arrests in the county”?
Please keep in mind, these arrest are without “planting evidence” and without violating civil rights:

2013 2012
Dec: 3 Dec: 3
Nov: 0 Nov: 5
Oct: 4 Oct: 3
Sep: 6 Sep: 0
Aug: 3 Aug: 1
Jul: 5 Jul: 1
Jun: 4 Jun: 11
May: 5 May: 7
Apr: 3 Apr: 2
Mar: 0 Mar: 11
Feb: 2 Feb: 1
Jan: 6 Jan: 3
Total: 41 Total: 48

UPDATE: Forgot to include the public document – HERE it is
[gview file=””]


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  • John Q. Public
    Posted at 21:19h, 07 February

    The puke(s) circulating the letter are hoping that if they tell a lie long enough, there are bound to be morons who believe it.
    Unfortunately, they are right.
    It’ll be interesting to see who signs on to and promotes the propaganda.

  • gary and sherry hall
    Posted at 21:06h, 15 February

    my husband and i found the ltr. we rec’d in the mail extremely amusing..who are you that you can’t put your name to the bottom of such an accusing document and expect intelligent people to not get a bad taste in their mouths and ask themselves questions of why?..sorry we are not that easily swayed…we were born here and we don’t approve of where are town is going..we would easily move if it wasn’t for the fact that we are older now and we own our home and property…boy oh boy if we were only younger..DO NOT EVER PUT SOMETHING ADDRESSED TO US FROM THE US POSTAL SYSTEM AND HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SAY PAID FOR BY THE EDGAR COUNTY TAX PAYERS ON IT!!!!..WE DID NOT AND NEVER WILL PAY FOR THAT TRASH AND THOSE LIES!!!!!..get over yourselves…move on…really move on, find another place to inhabit and prey and feed on their citizens, because we have had it with all the corruption in this county and especially in this town of Paris….I am personally impressed with Sheriff Motley’s performance and persistence in what he believes is right and standing by it which shows great character and strength….how refreshing…keep up the good work and don’t let the bullies get the best of you on that county board…they try to make everyone believe that they are so worried over the amount of money being lost over this lawsuit, but we should ask ourselves, HOW MANY HAVE LINED THEIR POCKETS OVER THE YEARS WITH OUR TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!..YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR TOWN?? VOTE MOTLEY….by the way, we don’t know Sheriff Motley personally, but we do like what we see and hear….

  • And We Paid for This?
    Posted at 00:51h, 16 February

    (Watch Dogs – can you post this to your story about the puke circulating the propaganda letter against Ed Motley? This follows the same line of rebuttal to that letter)
    Most of you will find this relevant:
    Since we’re comparing Motley’s drug investigations to those of Crippes, think back a bit. Consider Roger Hopper and his role in this comparison process. After all, wasn’t Roger the head drug investigator and keeper of criminal evidence for Tim?
    Now, go back to the 90s when Roger wore a Paris Police uniform. Remember when Roger used and touted his use of the “Quadro Tracker,” that revolutionary piece of technology (pun intended) he used to “gain” admissions and (I believe) used as “probable cause” for searches? The Beacon-Fused even did an article on how he used the Quadro Tracker to fight crime. It supposedly detected marijuana, cocaine, gun powder residue and a fourth contraband item, thus the “Quadro Tracker” name. In 1996, the FBI found the device to be a fake – a useless plastic box with an antenna and a few unconnected wires inside. I believe 60 Minutes even did a segment on the Quadro after the FBI sought an injunction against its manufacturers. By the way, I’ve never heard of anyone else in or near Central Illinois who used the Quadro.
    Fast forward to Roger’s part and stature in Tim’s administration.
    Ask yourself, or better yet, ask Tim to explain how he came to the decision to allow Roger to have a hand in the evidence control at the sheriff’s office.
    Ask yourself, or better yet, ask Tim to explain what “system” of evidence handling procedures he allowed Roger and others to use and what checks and balances Tim used to ensure his department’s compliance with accepted police procedure and IL law.
    Ask yourself, or better yet, ask Tim to explain the “procedures” that allowed, among many other things, a confiscated trailer reportedly being kept by Roger at his home for more than a year(it was NOT being done as a favor to the department because of a lack of space) as well as a lack of evidence documentation & inventory, etc., related to the trailer.
    Ask yourself, or better yet, ask Tim why many other pieces of evidence at the sheriff’s department were also not properly documented, inventoried or sealed.
    After you do that, or before, go directly to Ed Motley, or a deputy you truly believe is honest, has integrity, and has no dog in this fight. Ask them to be frank about the condition of evidence found when Motley came into office, taking over from Tim Crippes. Ask them about other issues. Ask a retired deputy you know to be credible, competent and whom you respect. Ask him what went on during Tim’s administration. Then consider Ed Motley.
    Ed Motley is not perfect, no sheriff is. But, as one of the other writers stated, finally, Edgar County has a sheriff with INTEGRITY. A sheriff who wants to do the right thing.
    After all of this, we have a group pushing the slogan, “Take the Ed out of Edgar County – Anyone but Ed.” There are probably a few displaying the signs who are just easily duped, without knowing, caring about or asking for the facts. Some of the others who display the signs know about the problems described above, and more problems that have not yet been printed. Those people who know about the problems in Tim’s administration and continue the push for “anyone but Ed” are doing nothing short of pushing their own agenda and being self-serving. And, as sad as it is, there are at least a couple of those who are adamantly opposed to Motley who have referred to Sheriff Motley in that derogatory racial slur that decent, intelligent people don’t tolerate.
    Those self-serving agenda pushers, as well as the racists, think they’re pretty smart. In reality though, when you look at and listen to them, their words reveal their ignorance. They are actually nothing more than idiots – followers who couldn’t lead a horse to water – and couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions written on the heel. It naturally follows that they’re too stupid to realize it.
    There will undoubtedly be those who vote for other candidates simply because they HONESTLY believe their chosen candidate will better serve ALL of the citizens. Great, glad they are exercising their right to vote. When they hear the haters spouting their poison, I hope the decent folks will stand up for what they know is right and put the haters in their place. As for the haters and the agenda pushers – you will get exactly who and what you paid for.