IL. Education Assoc. Supports Local Thug For State Rep. –


In a surprising event, the Illinois Education Association, through its PAC (I.P.A.C.E.) decided it was a good idea to throw financial support at candidate Darrell Cox in the 110th Legislative District.

Kind of makes you wonder what they were thinking when they wrote that $15,000 check.  Who in their right mind supports a candidate with the history like this?

If you are a member of the IEA, could you please advise us on why you would support this candidate?

In case you haven’t been reading our articles, I will sum it up for you:

Upcoming articles to include:

  • Official Misconduct
  • Illegal Weapons sales
  • Sexual Assault/misconduct
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Violations of Department Policy


All of the above “proudly supported by” I.P.A.C.E.:



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  1. Stupid, no wonder our education system is in the shape it is in. Isn’t is illegal and was it ok’d by majority of members.