Edgar County Airport

Fire at Edgar County Airport –


Updated Here: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2013/11/explosive-devices-found-and-arson-suspected-at-edgar-county-airport/

It has been reported to us, and broadcast over scanners, that there was a fire at the Edgar County Airport last night that involved two airplanes.

That is the extend to what we know at this time. I am headed out there to take pictures and will report on the situation as information becomes available.

Here are our past articles on the airport (Click here), filled with lies, lawsuits, self-dealing, corruption, theft, secret bank accounts, refusal to turn over public records, secret voting, hiding public records, operating private businesses on public time, and everything else imaginable.


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  1. Let me guess, are these the same two planes that had reportedly been foreclosed upon? If so, there had reportedly been questionable efforts to purchase them that were a potential conflict of interest and were the subject of various efforts to remove them from airport property. A lot of angles here, and not pointing fingers at anyone, but hey, maybe it’s another way to get the ATF / Justice Department interested into what goes on in Edgar County. Let them probe this, and more.