Edgar County Airport

Explosive Devices Found and Arson Suspected at Edgar County Airport –


Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on November 18, 2013, there was a fire at the Edgar County Airport that involved two airplanes and suspected arson. The two airplanes belonged to an individual from Terre Haute and were ones that RSB Aviation had used in the past. The Edgar County Airport has been a heated topic of discussion for the past year.

Two key items were spray painted in orange paint on the airplanes.

– One plane had “The Is Our Airport” in orange spray paint.

– Another had “Fuck Rob” in orange spray paint.

The “Rob” refered to is assumed to be Rob Bogue, father of Rusty Bogue (RSB Aviation).

A reliable public official has informed me that there were also explosive devices involved, one of which did not detonate.

Pictures are below – there is also a regularly scheduled Edgar County Board Meeting for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, November 20, 2013 at the Edgar County Courthouse.

It appears to me, and this is my opinion only, that there are some individuals unhappy with recent turn of events at the airport and are trying to regain some control that they used to have. Recently the County Board notifiied me, after almost a year, of which statute the airport operated under. The statute they referenced did not give the county board the authority to appoint an advisory board. This means that the advisory board effectively no longer existed, and those that thought they were “in control” of the airport had lost whatever control they thought they had when the decision was made to operate under that particular statute.

Updates will follow as we get them.


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  1. It doesn’t appear that the current sheriff’s department will cover up anything, and they sure won’t be in cahoots with the county board or the people on the so-called airport advisory board. Quite a contrast in principles and character, to say the least. Unlike previous sheriff’s administration, this one doesn’t interfere with arrests, take prisoners out to cut wood, roof houses and other odd jobs, or tell deputies they have to stay out of certain parts of the county, so as not to rile cronies. No, I think this sheriff will investigate, dig for the truth, report the facts and let the chips fall where they may. He can’t be bought or unduly influenced.

  2. It will be interesting to see how the sheriff’s department and the edgar county board try to cover this up and sweep it under the rug.

  3. Looks like really nice hand writing. I would even say it looks like a girls writing. I pray they find the sob that did this.

  4. Is there a statute number or name or some place to go online to see what statute the airport is operated under? Would like to be able to see exactly what the statute says regarding the operation of the airport and by whom.

  5. I have stated in previous notes that the events at the airport this past year have dumfounded, dismayed, thunderstruck, totally unbelievable and any other descriptive phrases that you can think of —— I absolutely have no description of how I feel this AM after the events at the airport last evening. I have felt so bad because at one time all the people involved — I thought—were my friends????? WHOEVER did this HAS to be totally INSANE!!!!!!

  6. How many government agencies have these idiots brought into the mix now. Gee, can you say FBI, anti-terriorism, NSB, etc.? What the hell are these people thinking. Who will their next victim be, someone will get killed,”again”or injured in their bid for power. These actions must stop, now. Where were the security cameras at, were they hooked up and on, or somehow not functioning. How much of this is a result of the statute and the advisory board being illegal?

    • Nobody knows yet, and I did not mean to place blame on anyone with the opinion comments of mine. They are what they are – my opinions.

  7. Have been following this ongoing imbroglio from almost 100 miles away for a long time. Those who seemed to have a serious case of Chapped A$$ in the direction of Rusty Bogue, his Mrs., even the nursing baby, maybe just painted themselves into a humongo corner with this latest bit of DumbA$$ery. When I heard his plane went down…first thing shot through my mind was: Round Up The Likely SUSPECTS. Goooooooo, Watchdogs!!!