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May 17, 2024

Cary Hagen’s Future?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 6, 2013

Ford-Iroquois Co. – (ECWd) –

Cary Hagen may have a future after all in spite of all the exposure of her failings as a public employee which we covered briefly in this article.  Now before you get to confused, I didn’t say a future as a public employee as I think she has pretty well blown those opportunities out of the water, unless of course the Sheriff, her brother, hires her to work in his office.  Could he be that stupid?  I digress!

According to her resume, Ms. Hagen “Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

If she implements policies and procedures, do we need to look any further than her to determine the person responsible for the crumbling of this health department?

Seriously, if she so proudly takes claim on her resume then shouldn’t she be held accountable for her total failure?  Do we need to list all the policies and procedures that have been violated by certain employees?  The laundry list is huge as most of our readers are aware, so again, why isn’t the person in charge of implementing organizational policies and procedures being held accountable for her total failure?


That’s what comes to mind when it comes to words, compared to action.  For example, her own Facebook page reflects she Graduated Trinity College, but we all know that is not true.  More Lies

With the overwhelming feedback from those working in the FIPHD, it’s clear Cary Hagen has for some time taken on the role of bully.  She has to be in charge and loves to boss people around………………..yet she has this on her Facebook?

More Lies #2

Cary, do you hear yourself?

In an effort to try to grasp a perspective one must look deep into peoples lives to better understand what they’re really made of, which brings us to this Facebook post which has “Unconditional Friendship” typed above it.

More LIes 3

May I suggest, “Friends won’t grow apart if they don’t talk every day, nor will they be your friends when they find out about their stepdad’s relationship”.

Now this post I can believe!  The real Cary Hagen comes out!

More Lies 4

With posts crossing the entire spectrum from God, to wine pouring faucets, it would appear we have a person seeking something but they don’t know what yet.

May I suggest you take some tips from your Ford County appointed board member Elynor Stagen.  As it appears with all her activities and busy public official life, she still has manged to fill her time with her own personal search to fill that void.

Elynor has found what works for her and it appears to be Looking for Love in Dwindling Farm Country.


AP reported it first here!   (picture’s number 5 & 6).

More Lies 5

If Ms. Stagen can find love at her point in life, then I am willing to say so to can Cary Hagen, in spite of all her failings.  She just needs some coaching and who better to provide it than the one Cary loves to speak with.

What ever her future path may be, I wish her well but first we simply ask that she leave and let the healing begin for all the Quality employees at the FIPHD!


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  • jim
    Posted at 02:35h, 07 October

    This seems oddly personal and beneath what y’all claim to be about. Why? How does this help the cause at all? Just makes you look petty and immature. Wow…just wow…

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 08:20h, 07 October

    Jim I guess what you fail to realize is the pattern of behavior, which is part of the whole problem. When a person lies about there education on their own Facebook page doesn’t that tell us something about the person?

    When the same person posts pictures against bullying yet does it daily it tells us about the person.

    You can call this petty and immature but that doesn’t make it so. This person should be fired!

    • jim
      Posted at 10:57h, 07 October

      Yeah, it is her facebook page. It’s personal and has nothing to do with her job. If she lies then point it out and move on…this weird TMZ style psychoanlyzation of her personality and life is bizarre. You really are a sick individual and you are dragging what might be a good cause through the mud. Congrats.

      • frank
        Posted at 18:45h, 07 October

        I agree with Jim
        Kirk your smear tactics are disgusting

    • Older&Wiser
      Posted at 11:18h, 07 October

      Yes, she should be fired and charged with the crimes that she has committed. She is a bully, liar and has definitely violated the trust of the good citizens of Ford and Iroquois County. But with her brother being the Sheriff I doubt that anything will be done. If her dishonesty is a family trait maybe the sheriff’s department needs to be looked at also. Thanks for helping expose these treacherous people. Maybe eventually (not not really hopeful) the Ford County board will wake up and help with a speedier process to get the health department back to functioning as it did in years past. in Cary’s defense, she was trained for her position by a classic bully, Jackie Shrimplin.

    • Carl
      Posted at 14:49h, 07 October

      Kirk, 1) Thank you for helping shine a light on corruption in the FIPHD. 2) I have to agree with jim (comment below). This most recent post about jokes/memes posted on Ms. Hagan’s website makes the ECWD look petty. Stick to reporting the facts (which you’ve done exceptionally well!) and avoid middle school tactics of trying to make issues out of some silly FB meme. You’ve shown Ms. Hagen’s “pattern of behavior” through her actions, but posting her FB memes make you seem less legitimate. Also, Rev. Teddie Jensen has certainly proven to everyone that he’s not qualified to be on the public health board, but *you* should stay professional and refer to him as Rev. Jensen or Mr. Jensen and not “preacher man.” Name calling only undermines the great work you’re doing by making you look small-minded. You have the TRUTH on your side, you don’t need to stoop to name-calling or school-girl immaturity to make your point. Please reconsider your most recent post, we NEED you to continue to help uncover the wrongdoing of these failed “public” servants, and don’t need you to suddenly be seen as being petty and personal. Thank you

  • Judy Pufahl
    Posted at 14:47h, 07 October

    Judy Pufahl liked this on Facebook.

  • None of your Buisness
    Posted at 20:39h, 07 October

    Every time I start buying into what you are selling you ruin it by personal attacks.

  • A Study In Contrasts
    Posted at 21:09h, 07 October

    Who is the real Cary Hagen? By her Facebook pages she is a woman of faith, family and friends. They reveal passion for the causes she supports, a sense of humor, and a deep love of family. But the work environment she created after teaming up with former administrator Doug Corbett, paints an entirely different picture.

    The Watchdogs filmed her fiery temper as she confronted her bosses at a board meeting. Many employees were reprimanded or fired for far less during her tenure as the head of household. Instead of solving workplace issues that arose, she chose to become vindictive. Her inspirational thought of the morning would often ring hollow as the day wore on.

    The jury is out on Cary and her companions, but the truth will unfold when the forensic audit is complete. This could have been settled months ago saving tens of thousands of dollars if those in charge in Ford County had stopped trying to cover it up. Some may find it admirable to help your friends save face, but that opportunity has long been lost. Their State’s Attorney is starting to act like he has skin in the game.

    Talk about contrasts, bringing up the rear is career board member Ted Jensen. How could a man who claims to be devoted to his faith and the theology of truth and love, connive to help hide the truth and bring others down? This is a man who has seemingly been hypnotized by the melody of his own voice.

    So speak up, Ted, here’s your chance. Now is the time to tell everyone that there will be hope after the facts are revealed. Remind us all that every saint has a past and that every sinner has a future.

    Your silence has become deafening.

  • Old dude that left
    Posted at 21:06h, 08 October

    This is what I have talked about on other topics. I am sure this lady has problems, but no more than you guys now have by this petty crap. Let it go guys, the power of the press is consuming you, and making you what you hate. Abusive bullies that attack by innuendo. I had hoped more from you.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 21:11h, 08 October

    I appreciate everyone comments and must assure you all that in order for the next few articles relating to the lies of both Cary Hagen and Elynor Stagen I had to put things into context with this article. When the exposure is complete you will look back on all of this and realize how accurate and absolutely necessary this was.

    I’m not asking anyone to buy into anything I wrote. Don’t take my word on anything. Dig for the truth yourself and make your own decision of what is true or not.

    If you think attacking me for what I write you can rest assured my skin is thick enough that it doesn’t bother me nor will it deter me from continuing to demand accountability.

    • jim
      Posted at 23:17h, 08 October

      You are missing the point Kirk. If you demand other public folks admit when their wrong, please hold yourself to that standard. Everything you just said in this comment is admirable – uncovering lies, corruption, etc. This article is none of that. It is simply PERSONAL and disgusting. I do not need you to put something in context for me by trolling someone’s facebook page and tearing them down. I want the facts and the facts should speak for themselves. Yes, she lied. Yes, there is corruption – cool, tell me about THAT. Again, this is disgusting and you are too stubborn to admit it is going a little too far. Good luck continuing to turn would-be supporters away with this crap. One day y’all might be big but I promise you, this stuff is what will eventually make it all come tumbling down.

    Posted at 10:36h, 09 October

    Please do not feel sorry Carey Hagen because she cares for no one else except herself. If she was your “supervisor” she never cared if you needed time off, she scheduled you, even at different hours before asking, even if you needed time off you could hardly get it, she schedules so she NEVER pitched in and helped out (she hates the front desk). But, when Carey needed to leave for her hair apts. (usually once a week) or go shopping (why I don’t know she did all of that online at work) or get her nails done she went. If other employees were ill thy had to loose time and go home. Not Carey, she laid on the floor with a blanket and keeps her time. Carey shops online at work and uses other peoples credit cards to order. She makes 75,00.00 a year, hardly worth a third of that (No degree–LIAR) Senior staff would change their titles periodically to receive a pay hike while the other lower pay were stuck at the highest they could go.
    Stop feeling sorry for her she is an incompetent, fake, selfish, self centered, bully and a liar. All about herself, she has hurt, stepped on and ruined so many hard working employees to benefit herself for too long. Wonder why she wants financial information to be kept confidential and wonder why she wanted Dougies e-mails to go to her, sounds funny to me—Because she is hiding information-Wake up!! Kirk has exposed how fake she is by posting her FB information that is the whole point, she is nothing like her little verses she posts. It is high time Carey Hagan is exposed. We need fresh people at the FIPHD so we can get back to serving the community the proper way, the good employees left behind like their jobs but can not take much more of this. Keep up the GREAT JOB Watchdogs, we need you.

    • We agree
      Posted at 05:47h, 10 October

      You are right! No one feels sorrry for her, She is or will be soon suffering the consequences of her own actions.

  • Eli Whitney
    Posted at 13:56h, 09 October

    Sometimes a trip into the social media is important to see who the person really might be. I checked up on a purported “expert on green energy” that was using our newspaper to print his lies. Turned out the guy was a left wing communist nut job who was working for certain elected congressmen and senators to spread false information about green energy to give them cover to vote more tax dollars for the projects It also turned out he was benefiting by trying to start up a green energy company himself. All that was learned from his facebook connections and his posts on other social media about himself.