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July 12, 2024

Cary Hagen, Experienced in Internet Explorer, Loses Control During Meeting .

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 1, 2013


As you can see, Cary Hagen is a little upset after her boss was relieved from his employment.  What is most telling is the fact that this out of control woman is the HR person for the FIPHD, and in an open public meeting she leveled what may well be a criminal accusations against an employee, which we edited her name out to protect her.  Such an action by an HR person should be more than enough grounds to terminate her.

In her brilliant presentation, more commonly known as a childish temper tantrum she again shows her level of intelligence.   Public session of a public meeting is for the public to address the board, not other public people sitting in the room.

This is also the same person that plots behind the scene with emails to Ford County board members, and Ford County appointed public health board members, making baseless accusation against people.  Most commonly this type of person would be called a busy body and from what we understand, she is busy!

We got a copy of her resume and we suggest a protector over your key board or computer screen and an empty mouth when you read it.   Some key points that jumped out and why explained below.

  • Responsible for administration of all personnel and program activities in the absence of the Public Health Administrator.  Supervises all administrative personnel.  
  • Complies with applicable laws and regulations
  • Supervises all administrative personnel
  • Ensures adequate staff education
  • Interview and screen appropriate testing for all administrative applicants which includes making recommendations for hiring.
  • Experienced in Internet Explorer
  1.  She is responsible for just about everything according to her resume and considering she has no degree in anything she truly must be Wonder Woman.
  2. As far as complying with applicable laws and regulations, well, that is not true!  It is not legal to write checks that you don’t have money for! It is not legal to operate a private foundation from her public body office!  It is not legal to make loans to private foundations that she is in charge of!  And if that is not enough proof, read this email and you can see that Cary Hagen, formerly Hartman, used public time, assets, and personnel for her son-in-laws personal gain of over $50,000.00 in prize funding.  She used the public computers and emails to beef up the contest results all on our time!  By all indications she has NO CLUE what compliance with the law means!  I wonder what Heinz is going to think of how the winner actually won?
  3. This high school graduate has not even complied with her own mandatory continuing education in the field of practice she is in yet she wants you to believe she ensures adequate staff education?  Is she not staff?  Rules don’t seem to apply to her!
  4. This health department has been through 92 people since Corbett was hired and with a Cary Hagen responsible for interview and screening of applicants to include hiring suggestions, do we need to look much further to find the reason for such a high turnover?  She doesn’t have the educational background to do her own job let alone suggest who is appropriate to hire for other jobs!
  5. In an effort to save the best for last, she is Experienced in Internet Explorer!  Really, Internet Explorer.  You know, that program most 5 year old’s operate to surf the internet!

With any luck the good folks on the FIPHD Board, who saw through the mismanagement, will realize you can’t have an HR person who conducts herself in the manner that she did during this recent meeting, nor can you have a person who is not qualified having input on who gets hired.

We look forward to future reporting on the FIPHD as they clean up the cancers that have created such a mess.



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  • On the side of Truth
    Posted at 23:04h, 01 August Reply

    I attended said meeting and Cary Hagen went ballistic and such hate spewed from her two edged sword of a tongue. It is said that what comes out of a person’s mouth is what is in the heart. Cary was very belligerent to this employee mentioned above and said some horrendous mean hateful things to her and about her. I was quite amazed! She certainly showed her colors!!!!!

  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 11:05h, 02 August Reply

    “Takes their ball and goes home if they don’t get their way.” That’s a good one!!! I like it. No wonder Cary went through so many husbands. What some folks don’t know is that this is the second outburst in as many meetings. And what Cary was complaining about had a small part in the decision to dismiss Mr. Corbett. There was overwhelming evidence, all posted upon this website, that showed he must go.
    I must commend Dr. Brucker for stepping up to the plate, putting personal issues behind him, and doing what was needed to try to keep the health department intact and functioning.

  • Coles County Corruption
    Posted at 18:17h, 02 August Reply

    Coles County Corruption liked this on Facebook.

  • Dollars & Sense
    Posted at 20:29h, 03 August Reply

    A few still think that the removal of the FIPHD administrator was a travesty of justice. It was not. Besides the documented acts of moral/fiscal misconduct, the bottom line of this termination hinged on the inability to manage the agency’s business.

    If a manager wanted to expand health services into a neighboring state, the first criteria to look at would be its legality. That was ignored. The second step would be to do a cost/benefit analysis to check for profitability. That was overlooked. A third step would be to run a cash flow budget to see how it would be financed. This administrator, along with the Board of Health member who thought it could be done with other allocated grants, were both clueless.

    At the end, the administrator finally admitted that a different model was needed for the home health program. He hoped that his new model proposal might bring an end to five years of red ink. When questioned on how the numbers justified the change, he replied that he was still working on that. It was a day late and a dollar short.

    This video speaks volumes and offers insight into the explosive, vindictive personality of the second in command. It’s easy now to see why so many employees were fired, left, or afraid to speak out. This financial/data processing coordinator was in control of nearly every detail of the agency according to her resume. After speaking this way to her superiors, how is it that she still has a job and access to company computers and files?

    It’s hard to make sense of why these two individuals conspired to create so much destructive chaos. The Ford/Iroquois County taxpayers paid a high price for their incompetence. It should all be over soon, though, with new managers in place with the skills and professional conduct needed to restore the agency.

    Thank you to Mr. Copas and to Mr. Allen and Mr. Kraft for their countless hours spent setting the record straight, and to the Board of Health members who had the courage to vote for the change.

  • Older&Wiser
    Posted at 18:53h, 31 August Reply

    Ms. Hagan follows in the footsteps of her predecessor. If the watch dogs want to see where this started they should check out the shenanigans of Mrs. Shrimplin who rode rough shod over all the staff and played by her own rules. She didn’t even graduate from high school and made tons of money from her salary and what she took for herself.

  • bud
    Posted at 11:01h, 26 September Reply

    cary hagen is a sister to the county sherrif

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