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July 18, 2024

Needing More Assistance!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 28, 2013

Iroquois Co – ECWd’s

Our last call to action regarding the Ford-Iroquois County Health Department was so overwhelmingly positive, and generated so much information, that we cant even process it all.

From exposure of the tax payers paying for peoples dental work, to chearleading stuff, it was pretty clear the local citizens are standing up and have had enough.

That brings us to this new Call To Action.

We need the local citizens to let us know who owns a few of the businesses that seem to have been on the receiving end of a pretty fat chunk of change from the flood grant funding. Now it’s very possible that it was all legitimate, however, the word we are getting from some contractors and other local folks is that it was anything but legitimate for a few of them.  Especially considering there may be direct ties to the employees who work at the FIPHD – which would be a direct violation of the Policy Manual!

Who owns these Businesses and do the owners or their employees have direct ties to employees of the FIPHD?

  1. Clark Rentals
  2. Custom Builders
  3. Arseneau Romeo Drain & Sewer
  4. C&C Plumbing
  5. Zircle Construction

If you have information regarding such connections to the FIPHD  please let us know by either clicking on the “send us  a tip box” on the main page, click here and fill out the information (you can use fake name and e-mail), or you can call and leave a message on our tip line, (312) 566-8078.

Thanks to the citizens of Iroquois and Ford Counties who are standing up and demanding accountability!

Now that more info is streaming in we again need some input from the local community.  The Secretary of State Cyberdrive web site shows that C&C plumbing has an agent of record being Gerald McCullough.  Is this any relation to Ellen McCullough who works at the FIPHD and was the Grant Administrator for the Flood Grant?

Well now isn’t this tidbit special! 

Custom Builders – 915 N. Jefferson in Watseka.  Google search result #1, Google search result #2,  and just for giggles, Google search #3.  Can you guess who that address matches?  Ellen McCullough, the Grant Administrator!  Time for a FOIA to see just how much money was paid to Custom Builders.


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  • Darlene Justice
    Posted at 22:27h, 28 September Reply

    Keep up the good works….

  • jmkraft
    Posted at 10:59h, 29 September Reply
  • Jan Yanders
    Posted at 21:10h, 05 October Reply

    Is Schaumburg Construction owned and operated by the husband of Lynn Schaumburg RN who retired in 2010 then is contracted by FIPHD?

  • sue
    Posted at 13:57h, 20 April Reply

    It’s funny to see really. All or these people that were a part of this, look down on us regular tax paying joes as trash or garbage. Well I can tell you I’ve never stolen anything in my life nor have my children. Makes me sick to be a part of Iroquois county. Moving is the only option because it’s obvious 7 years later nothing has happened!!

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