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April 12, 2024

DeWitt: The Stories Don’t Add Up!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 10, 2013

Dewitt Co. (ECWd)

If we have said it once, we have said it a hundred times, you can’t make this stuff up!

Directly from the Dewitt County Policy Manual

Misuse of fundsFacts:

  1. Capitol One Probation Automation statement is being managed by the County Treasurer.
  2. County funds are used to pay the with credit card, claimed by the treasurer to belong to Probation Automation.
  3. Probation Officer routinely has made “reimbursements” to the county for personal purchases on what he claims is his own card.
  4. Credit Card statement reflects handwritten note confirming personal expense on the card.

If the county policy manual is followed, then clearly, we have misuse of funds!

County Treasurer pays a bill with county funds for what is now being claimed is a personal card! Why are county funds being used to pay personal expenses?

If it was in fact a county card, which we suspect is the case considering the treasurer claimed it was, not once, but three separate times, then the Probation officer has misused funds for his acknowledged personal expense.

Regardless of who owns this card, they can’t get around the FACT that public funds have been used to pay the bill, which admittedly has personal expenses on them on more than one occasion.

Our own constitution, which is in fact part of state law, states that public funds are for public purpose. The probation officer is claiming the card belongs to him, so can anyone explain why on earth you would “reimburse” the county coffers for your own personal expenses on your own credit card?  Is that not an acknowledgement that you are having the county manage your credit?

Is the use of county manpower, time, and resources to manage a private credit card the obligation of the tax payer?

The policy manual outlines the misuse of funds will be handled by specific sections of the policy manual.  Can anyone explain why the law is not what handles such misuse?

If in fact this card belongs to the probation officer, in his private citizen capacity, then according to the policy manual he shall be reimbursed with proper receipts.  We don’t see that process being followed in this case.  In fact, it’s clear the county treasurer is managing the account and accepting “reimbursements” for what is now the claimed owner of the card.  That just doesn’t pass the smell test!

We will submit our FOIA for receipts today!

Reimburseable ExpensesTo get a grasp of how bad things really are in Dewitt County you need to read each article we have covered.  The facts, to include their own words, make quite a compelling case.  I always wonder what people think when one day they claim one thing, on video or audio, and then when caught in what appears to be a cover up in this case, they have another official claim something entirely different.  With two different claims it raises more red flags!

Red Flag list from Dewitt County!

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