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April 19, 2024

ECWd In Dewitt County –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 26, 2013


We were asked by several people in Dewitt County to look into a few matters after they witnessed what we were able to accomplish in Iroquois County.  The key to those accomplishments lie not on what we did, as much as what the elected officials did with the information we provided.

It appears that Dewitt is not much different than any other county when it comes to the problems of following the law, and applying it properly as it relates to the people’s tax dollars.  It also appears they have a state’s attorney willing to allow his assistant to conduct himself, let’s just say, less than professionally.   Even though the SA claimed the actions of his assistant that are outlined in this article were unacceptable, those words have little meening since the assistant still has his job.

It appears Dewitt County is practicing the same questionable property tax policies as several other counties.  We have a few FOIA requests we are working on as it relates to property tax and who is obligated to pay that tax.  As we gather the rest of the documents we will publish those results.  What we are finding consistently is people leasing county owned property and then never paying the property tax, which is the obligation of the lease holder, not the taxpayer!

The primary purpose of our first meeting was to give them heads up to the fact we are now looking into things as requested from citizens in their county.  I hope that these people take the information and fix what is broken instead of fighting the messengers who bring the message.


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1 Comment
  • It needs to stop
    Posted at 00:06h, 06 June

    You all gave up on Iroquois County all ready? The town of Watseka gave 600,000 to the Ford garage for inventory. Is that legal? Our tax money to help out a dealership and not the other two. If some checking was done I am sure that it could be found by paying on the inventory, It helped a bank get triple AAA rating. Now the bank won’t go broke but the city will.