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March 4, 2024

Dear Mr. Brad Young,

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 5, 2012


Prior to embarrassing yourself in public again, I would encourage that in the future you get the facts pertaining to any accusation you’re going to make, as tonight you clearly made an ass out of yourself. 

While enjoying a dinner out with my wife tonight Mr. Young of Paris felt it appropriate to introduce himself and make an accusation that I posted a copy of a personal check of his online and that he didn’t appreciate it. 

You may recall Mr. Young was one of those FREE DRIVEWAY fellas that we exposed who in the end had to dip into his pocket and pay for it after we ran the article.  The check he was referring to showed up in This Article. As I informed Mr. Young, before you make an accusation, especially in a public restaurant with a man having dinner with his wife, get your facts straight.  

He quickly told me after his false accusation that he was done talking to me.  I assured him, I was not done talking to him.  Make an accusation of wrong doing in front of a man’s wife, and you’re either going to prove it or get your accusation  tossed right back at you. I will not back down from the facts, nor be intimidated by a person who is clearly in the wrong in more ways than a simple false accusation.     

Facts are a funny thing and it always amazes me how some people have a difficult time recognizing them, or even accepting them, yet they open their pie hole in an attempt to intimidate all the while embarrassing themselves.

What Mr. Young fails to realize, regardless of his accusation, I do not own the Edgar County Watchdog Web site.  I am a major contributor, but not the owner.  After being informed of that fact he then attempted to insinuate that it was my wife’s web site.  Wrong again Mr. Young.  Like I told you last night, this web site is owned by John Kraft.  

Beyond your false accusations, I did not post a copy of your personal check on-line and all you have to do is look at the story to notice that John Kraft ran the stories on the illegal driveways, and while doing so actually did you a favor. 

When John received his FOIA request while gathering the “facts”, you know those key little pieces of information that prevent embarrassment, he received copies of checks that had NOTHING redacted.

NOTHING Mr. Young! 

John could have ran that story with all the information on the check as we received it; with ALL your information exposed but  he did not. 

John ran that story and was kind enough to redact ALL information considered private under state statute and actually went beyond those guidelines by redacting even the name of the bank on your check.

While you are upset with a copy of your personal check being posted, the general public is just as upset over the fact you think it’s alright to use our tax money for your personal driveway. 

More galling to me is you don’t have the decency to get ANY of your facts straight before making an accusation, which truly had to be embarrassing for you after being held accountable IN PUBLIC, which is the arena you selected!

  • Claimed I posted a copy of your personal check – FALSE!
  • Claimed I own the ECWd web site – FALSE!
  • Claimed my wife owned it – FALSE!
  • When told John ran the story you stated basically that John and I are one in the same – FALSE

You see Mr. Young, John doesn’t answer to me nor do I answer to him.  We post numerous articles independent of each other, and in many cases we are not even aware of what specific article each are working on. 

We take leads as they come in from the community and we FACT CHECK them with documents.  Any truth to those leads backed up by documents and we work towards running an article.  The Free Driveway article turned out to be rather interesting, as it was local people who were pissed at you and others for getting that service with their tax dollars. 


The person who received an oil and chip driveway on tax payer’s dime, that would have been free had it not been for the ECWd, takes the path of making false and unfounded accusations in public, only to be disproven, all the while failing to even recognize or accept that his receipt of public property was neither legal nor ethical! 

Like I have said numerous times, the message is what it is and some people just can’t accept it.  Others prefer to simply repeat what others have said with nothing to back it up. In Mr. Young’s case tonight, make accusations with absolutely not a single shred of truth to it.  Now that is embarrassing!   

Taking back our local government is a road I have chosen to take and I will not be hindered or intimidated.  I will continue to expose the illegal acts being performed by our local officials as well as those private firms who think they run this county.  I will continue to provide documents as the evidence to back up what I report on, just as I have done to date. 

It’s clear to me, especially after tonight, we have a class of people in this county that thinks its OK to break the law or receive public property with no legal standing, then blame others when they get exposed for what took place. 

Mr. Young, the next time you want to make an accusation please have the courage to do so in writing, instead of pretending to be some big shot while I am having dinner with my wife.

Below, in support of the information I provided, is a copy of your check.  You can now claim I posted a copy of it. 

Good Day Sir!  








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  • DrRocco
    Posted at 23:32h, 07 September

    Wow, Mr. Allen. This gentleman certainly seems to have
    gotten under your skin. The tone and language used in your
    past articles have been abandoned here. I would’ve liked
    to be a fly on the wall during your conversation with Mr.
    Brad Young. I’d find it hard to believe that, as a gentleman
    committed to exposing corruption, this is the first such
    encounter you’ve had. It must have been a real doozy to
    inspire such a vague, personal, and angry response. I’d be
    curious to hear the other side of the story. If I understand
    what you’ve written above, Mr. Brad Young told you he didn’t
    appreciate his check being posted online and was then done
    talking to you. You write that you weren’t “done talking to
    him” though, words I’ve personally never heard come out of a
    rational man’s mouth. I wonder what happened at that point.
    Who truly made the ass of themselves? There has to be more
    to this story.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 08:50h, 08 September

    Under my Skin? Yes, crawled under it like a nasty parasite.
    What is it with people that expect a free driveway with our
    tax dollars and when exposed with PUBLIC RECORDS they think
    attacking me is going to fix anything. Is there ANYONE that
    would not have such an incident get under their skin? I was
    having dinner with my wife and his actions were clearly
    inappropriate. I make no apology for my response to him or
    my story on the matter.

    As far as my first encounter, Dee Burgin was the First to
    attempt to intimidate me and it failed miserably. We see
    how that is turning out for Mr. Burgin.

    Mr. Young is the second. He too failed miserably!

    Of all the stories we have ran not a single case has been
    presented, nor can it, that disproves what we have reported
    on. When the facts are published there is not much anyone
    can say. If Mr. Young had a problem with a story that ran
    over 2 months earlier it’s clear he had plenty of time to
    contact us through numerous means. No effort was ever made
    by Mr. Young to contact us!

    Mr. Young made false accusations with no foundation to
    support a single word of it. His words were hardly the
    only things that happen. This person violated my space at
    my dinner table by placing his left hand on the back of my
    seat and his fist on the table as he leaned over towards me
    to express his concerns in a clearly angry tone and demeanor.
    In all my life I have never witnessed such an arrogant act
    from a person who failed to have one claim correct.

    I can’t imagine a MAN that I know who would sit idly by
    and not respond when a person whom you have never met or
    seen in your life starts making totally false claims about
    you in front of your wife. As far as my story on the
    matter, welcome to the world of Ink by the Megabyte!

    More to the story? Yes, there is. I apologized to my wife
    for having to be exposed to such a rude person and for
    what transpired from it.

    I find it telling that you think a rational man would not
    make a statement that “I’m not done talking with you” under
    these circumstances, or any other for that matter.

    “I’m done talking with you”, is what Mr. Young stated after
    his attack and that statement is the most common response
    from un-informed verbal attacks. They Jump in, make their
    strike, then think it’s OK to give the person no option to
    respond by telling them they are done talking with you.
    That sir is not rational and no man with any sense would
    think so in my opinion.

    Rational people debate matters or discuss and even argue,
    but to silence the discussion without even the most basic
    courtesy of giving a person the chance to respond is hardly
    rational. I welcome the debate but don’t think for a second
    I am going to sit quiet when a person basically lied about
    my actions.

    I will defend every person’s write to express their opinion
    to the death just as I will fight to the death to protect
    my own right to the same thing!

  • Angela Mason Howser
    Posted at 12:43h, 11 September

    DrRocco…I’m sure there IS “more to the story.” As in,
    more people getting freebies like driveways and such…
    which is why so many people are pissed. The shade’s been
    thrown open and the sunlight is pouring in on the cockroaches.
    Only the cockroaches have a problem with this. And if you
    think what the cockroaches are doing is bad, wait til we
    start digging and uncover the SLUGS.

  • Bob Lawblaw
    Posted at 14:56h, 12 September

    you showed him by god

  • Lucy
    Posted at 09:54h, 17 September

    Keep up the good work, Kirk. This community is so much
    more informed because of your hard work.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 10:27h, 17 September

    Lucy I appreicate that however I cant take the credit as its
    THE PEOPLE that provide us with so much information
    we cant process it fast enough. The People are fed up and
    John and I are pleased to expose it on the web site.