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July 20, 2024

Paris Township and Free Driveways Update: .

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 4, 2012


Apparently the practice of paving private driveways using Public Funds has been going on for years in Paris Township. It only stopped when “other” residents inquired about getting their driveways paved. After the Edgar County Watchdogs questioned the practice, and through multiple Freedom Of Information Act requests, we were able to verify 3 homeowners who had their driveway paved within the past 2 years (See our June 24 article).

More FOIA Requests

The person responsible for that decision was the Paris Township Road Commissioner, Dale Barkley. Since the practice was already stopped, we wanted to find out if the driveways were provide for “free” to the homeowners. Since we all know nothing is free and the Public Funds used came directly from our own pockets, we were curious to find this answer. After two unanswered emails, I sent a letter via snail mail requesting copies of the invoices and proof of payments.

Invoices and Proof of Payments

After receipt of the invoices and proof of payment, it became clear the original intention was to provide the driveway paving free of charge since the checks were all dated after we first inquired into the practice. Two of the “invoices”, if that’s what you want to call them, were daily work sheets from the person in charge of the road crew the day(s) the work was completed.

$3442.87 reimbursed to the People of Paris Township

Whatever the case may be, the Edgar County Watchdogs (and thanks for the tip whoever you are!) had demanded the invoices be sent, and payment obtained to reimburse the people of Paris Township in the amount of $3,442.87. I don’t think that was too much to ask, and I applaud the commissioner for acting swiftly to obtain the reimbursements once it was brought to his attention.

You can view the invoices and proof of payments below:

 [gview file=”” save=”1″]


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  • pissed
    Posted at 19:56h, 05 July Reply

    When will this crap stop? IT WONT until the States Attorney gets off his dead ass and does his job! These people are stealing our tax money and they should be prosecuted for that!

  • Ex-Parisite
    Posted at 19:34h, 06 July Reply

    I see a copy of a uncashed check. Did you make sure the money was actually deposited into the general fund? How easy is it to post date a invoice and have a person write a check and then void it?

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