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April 25, 2024

Former Edgar County States Attorney Michael McFatridge a Cocaine User?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 3, 2012


7-9-2012 Added Jack Eckerty Deposition Part 1

7-5-2012 More updates at the bottom of the page…

Considering the murders of Dyke and Karen Rhoads have yet to be solved, there is a lot of interest in the ongoing case against those who investigated and prosecuted Herb Whitlock and Randy Steidl. 

We all know that drugs were, and some may argue rifghtfully so, still a problem in this county.  You dont have to read much from the many depositions to see a clear picture of what went on in this county years ago. 

Not knowing any of these people it’s very easy to simply read the document for what it is and it is clear, by Micheal McFatridges own words, he was involved with cocaine.  For those that know all these people you may draw more interesting conclusions from the reading. 

From page 601 of the McFatridge deposition:

Q. All right. Is that the same time in Memphis that you were getting a little cocaine?

A. Actually that — that was a little bit older. That occurred when I believe I was visiting my in-laws in Terre Haute

So in a former prosecutors depostion he admits getting cocaine when visiting his in-laws in Terre Haute.  I bet that makes Mother-in-Law a happy camper!  What kind of people in this community were stupid enough to elect a States Attorney that many claim to KNOW he was a cocaine user? 

Looking at page 695, it’s for the most part totally redacted and the very next few pages its pretty clear McFatridge has something to hide of a personal matter.  Was it the fact many in this town claim to have known him as a cocaine user?  We can only speculate but when the case is heard it appears this will become public record, but for now it remains sealed. 

Makes you wonder why “We the People”, who our own States Attorney, Mark Isaf, who wants us to pay for McFatridge defense, should have to pay a penney for his defense.  (MADIGAN LETTER TO  ISAF – Page 1 and Page 2).  Wrong conduct is wrong and “We The People” should not be footing the bill!   


Reading the letter from the Attorney General it becomes clear that not only does our current States Attorney want We The People to pick up the tab but so did former States Attorney Mat Sullivan, who is now a sitting judge!  Anyone else see a problem with us picking up the tab for an officials misconduct? 

Many in this community know these people and their history and when some of this information was shared, many confirmed the drug use of numerous people tied to this case and its prosecution.   What is most disturbing to me is that the good people of this county allowed this to happen.  Many have claimed because of fear, as this county does have a history of people coming up dead and the killers never identified. 

Its time to stop living in fear and stand up for God and Country.  It starts with you, or as I like to say, “We The People”!

Below are several of the key figure depositision in this case for you to download and read at your leasure.  Some are as much as 700+ pages! 

James Parish Depostion

James Parish Depostion continued

Ann Parish Deposition

Eno Vitale Deposition

Jack Eckerty Deposition <—Part 2    –> Part 1 Here

William Hopper

Mike Callahan Deposition


Gene Ray Depositions 1 and 2

McFatridge Brief – 7th Circuit Court

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1 Comment
  • Chris Jackson
    Posted at 12:04h, 19 June

    I am near the end of “Too Politically Sensitive”. This book has TRULY dumbfounded me and left me shaking my head!
    I am SHOCKED that McFatridge still has a license to practice law and that the ISP didn’t clean house and other officials involved still hold positions of authority!!!
    The killer/s still wander the streets????