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July 21, 2024

Former State’s Attorney’s flaming email

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 22, 2012


Former Edgar County State’s Attorney Michael McFatridge sends a flaming email full of homosexually charged insinuations. Makes me wonder if he is yearning to come out of the closet or if he has personally performed any of these acts he knows so much about.

This email comes from someone who is currently working as a lawyer at the Danville Illinois Veteran’s Hospital. Wonder what they think of his emails… McFatridge and Edgar County are currently defendants in a federal civil rights lawsuit for the 1987 Steidl/Whitlock prosecutions in which the two were eventually released from prison.

WARNING: For those who wish not to read all the filth spewed forth in the email, stop reading now, as I am only pasting the contents of the actual email as sent to a Chicago Tribune columnist.

Originally posted on Michale Callahan’s Blog

Pasted from above website:

Michael McFatridge’s incredulous reply to a Chicago Tribune columnist who dared to question the guilt of the two innocent men wrongfully imprisoned.

“Since the gloves are off and we have dispensed with logic and professionalism.  there appears no longer a reason for me to respond to your ranting and ravings. Based upon your last message, I can only assume that you are in the middle of a barfly and substance abuse binge.  By the way, please feel free to share this note with the editor in chief   I tried, and failed, to interject intelligent communication and some levity in this otherwise extremely serious subject matter.

Apparently, the reason that you are listed last as a Chicago Tribune columnist has nothing to do with the spelling of y our name.   I would call you a moron, but I would not want to insult other morons.  Perhaps it is insensitive, but I truly wish that you personally suffer some crime so that you will be forced to rely on law enforcement that you so eagerly malign.  Were you butt fucked in prison?  There must be some reason for your absurd presumption that all prosecutors are dirty, even those that you have never met.  You falsely characterize testimony regarding court proceedings that you never attended. You selectively ignore incriminating evidence.  Are you getting blow jobs from the defense? I was a cream puff as a prosecutor compared to the tactics of Steidl’s current defense attorneys.  Do you actually think that the defendants come up with their own testimony?  Their intermediary for the Reinbolt recantation is now in prison.  I will not waste my time trying to honestly respond to your questions when your responses to my inquiries are simply that I already somehow know the answer.  I know that I can look in a mirror and state to myself and my family that I did the best I  could asEdgarCountyState’s Attorney and did it with pride and integrity.  You probably do not even have a reflection in the mirror.  I know that the words “honestly” and “integrity” are not in your expanded vocabulary.   Have you ever had any real life experiences, or have you hid behind your mother’s skirt in academia land?  From your picture, you look like a pussy.  A story is a story.  Truth be damned.  When I review the content of our correspondence, I can appreciate the embarrassment that you must feel that an lllini is kicking the ass out of some rodent. The only way that I will discuss this case with you again is face to face, man to man.  You can then judge first hand my believability.  Or are you afraid that in a battle of wits you would be unarmed?”

Michael M. McFatridge

Original McFatridge Email


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  • ruel elledge
    Posted at 16:20h, 31 May Reply

    Is this the same McFatridge busted on cocaine charges in Terre Haute? Same little punk I see.

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