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People of Paris receive refund from Roger Eddy

PARIS, ILLINOIS – We discovered and first posted on illegal campaign donations by the City of Paris. Our second article on the subject was a little more in-depth. The answer we received from City officials was “well, he’s done a lot for the city” with no response when asked if they would seek a refund.

Apparently pressure got to Roger Eddy and he refunded the People of the City of Paris for the illegal campaign donation. The fact it was refunded does not negate the violations of the Illinois Election Code, the Illinois Constitution, or Official Misconduct on Eddy’s or the city’s part.

The fact still remains, the Mayor and City Council of Paris made an illegal donation that wasn’t discovered for several years.

After being brought to the Public’s attention and several legal complaints filed, of which some are still pending, the “donation” was refunded.

For all those who insisted Roger Eddy did nothing wrong maybe you could explain why he paid the money back if there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

A bank robber gets caught years later and pays back what he stole.  Guess what, he is still a bank robber and subject to prosecution for the robbery, even if he paid it back!  

Is Roger Eddy any different? 

Source: Quarterly D-2 Report

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