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April 12, 2024

City of Paris donates to Roger Eddy campaign on YOUR dime?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 26, 2012







Stay tuned for the most unbelievable revelations referencing Roger Eddy that we have recently uncovered.

This is but one very small detail that could not wait. If this donation did in fact come from public funds, and we have no reason to think otherwise, the Mayor of Paris and the entire City Council should immediately resign their positions and issue an apology to the citizens of Paris as it was their money that was being used. 

And the bigger question that needs answered is what on earth is a sitting state legislator, Roger Eddy, doing accepting funds from a public body?  Is this yet another case of the law-maker is the law-breaker?

(Source – Illinois State Board of Elections web site – Click Here )




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