Edgar Co. Local Governments owe the State over $166,000 in overpaid PPRT –

Edgar County, IL. (ECWd) –

The local governments in Edgar County owed the State of Illinois a total of $166,119.51 in overpayments the state made with the personal property replacement tax back in 2014.

A list of all Edgar County overpayments are below, with the School Districts, City of Paris, and County governments making up the majority of the overpayments.

There is no schedule for repayment to the state at this time.

Edgar                               EDGAR COUNTY 0231010023 20,238.31
Edgar BROCTON VILLAGE 0232400010 262.34
Edgar CHRISMAN CITY 0232400016 1,149.74
Edgar HUME VILLAGE 0232400038 55.67
Edgar KANSAS VILLAGE 0232400040 225.61
Edgar METCALF VILLAGE 0232400051 273.15
Edgar PARIS CITY 0232400063 22,667.65
Edgar REDMON VILLAGE 0232400070 24.87
Edgar VERMILION VILLAGE 0232400089 46.00
Edgar BROUILLETTS CREEK TOWNSHIP 0233020010 144.34
Edgar BUCK TOWNSHIP 0233020012 104.68
Edgar EDGAR TOWNSHIP 0233020025 323.63
Edgar ELBRIDGE TOWNSHIP 0233020027 929.25
Edgar EMBARRASS TOWNSHIP 0233020029 104.68
Edgar GRANDVIEW TOWNSHIP 0233020033 85.74
Edgar HUNTER TOWNSHIP 0233020038 46.00
Edgar KANSAS TOWNSHIP 0233020040 495.43
Edgar PARIS TOWNSHIP 0233020063 2,574.50
Edgar PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP 0233020068 229.76
Edgar ROSS TOWNSHIP 0233020073 714.04
Edgar SHILOH TOWNSHIP 0233020077 206.35
Edgar STRATTON TOWNSHIP 0233020082 159.95
Edgar SYMMES TOWNSHIP 0233020084 303.55
Edgar YOUNG AMERICA TOWNSHIP 0233020095 456.09
Edgar BROCTON FPD 0235100082 129.87
Edgar CHRISMAN FPD 0235100131 400.10
Edgar HUME FPD 0235100322 93.13
Edgar KANSAS FPD 0235100336 311.02
Edgar METCALF FPD 0235100434 133.94
Edgar PARIS FPD 0235100533 1,998.13
Edgar PARIS-UNION UNIT SCH 95 0237250950 35,496.18
Edgar SHILOH CUSD  1 0237260010 25,175.03
Edgar KANSAS CUSD 3 0237260030 7,024.88
Edgar PARIS CUSD 4 0237260040 14,682.31
Edgar EDGAR COUNTY CUSD 6 0237260060 17,032.98
Edgar BROUILLETS CRK TWP RD & BRIDGE 0239020010 205.61
Edgar BUCK TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020012 102.40
Edgar EDGAR TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020025 581.57
Edgar ELBRIDGE TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020027 2,072.33
Edgar EMBARRASS TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020029 394.90
Edgar GRANDVIEW TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020033 158.07
Edgar HUNTER TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020038 154.42
Edgar KANSAS TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020040 634.65
Edgar PARIS TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020063 4,008.44
Edgar PRAIRIE TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020068 264.61
Edgar ROSS TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020073 1,028.73
Edgar SHILOH TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020077 600.11
Edgar STRATTON TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020082 272.42
Edgar SYMMES TWP ROAD & BRIDGE 0239020084 308.01
Edgar YOUNG AMERICA TWP RD & BRIDGE 0239020095 1,034.34


Kansas, Grandview, Buck Township Property Tax Relief

Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

The Multi-township board made up of Kansas, Grandview, and Buck Townships held their board meeting yesterday.  One of the key items on the agenda was the passage of the tax levy for next year.

Next year’s levy was reduced by 10% in order to bring property tax paying citizens some relief in a time when most public bodies continue to raise taxes.

The Multi-Township Board is made up with the Township Supervisors and Clerks of each township, thus creating a 6 member board.

Considering there is no elected assessor for this Multi-Township, the only purpose of this public body is to tax property owners so that they can pay the county to do the assessments, hire an accountant for the annual filing requirements for the State Comptroller, attorney fees, and insurance.

I have tried for years to abolish this mandated public body as each Township can take care of these matters on their own, which would eliminate the need for another accounting, attorney, and insurance bill.  It would also reduce the burden on the County Clerk’s office as well as the State Comptroller.

If the Governor wants to shake things up I suggest working towards eliminating all Multi-Township public bodies!

For those that don’t follow or understand the impact of a  property tax levy on their pocket book, let me outline the Tax Levy system for Kansas Township, which has a population of 1003 people.

The following tax levies are passed by local government for 1003 people in Kansas Township.

  • School District
  • Fire Protection District, consisting of Fire, Rescue, and Ambulance levy’s.
  • Township
  • Library
  • Cemetery
  • General Road Fund
  • Permanent Road Fund
  • Construction and Repair of Bridges Fund
  • Village
  • Multiple Drainage Districts

That list makes up over 12 separate levies to govern the needs of 1003 people covering 47 square miles.  The law says they can increase their levy as much as 5% from the previous year without a truth in taxation hearing, provided they are not at their maximum limited by law.  Most take advantage of that extra 5% increase each year because the people will pay their tax bill and grumble at the coffee shops but do nothing to stop this madness.

Keep in mind that this list is only the local government list!  It does not account for other taxes on your tax bill such as the Lakeland Community College tax that is now reported to increase 24%!

Just think about that list for a second or two and imagine what happens to your wallet if each and every one of them increased their levy 5% each year.  Many of them do so and simply say it’s not that much for each person.  No, not when you only look at ONE of them doing it.  Add them all up and it’s no wonder we see so many people struggling in this community and this state.

The Kansas Township Board has not voted to increase their township and Cemetery levy in years, and we know the Rescue levy for the Fire Department is going to be dropped next year.  Now with a Multi-township reducing the levy by 10%, maybe the rest of the public bodies can can start the trend of property tax relief for their residents.



Kansas, IL. House Fire –

Kansas, IL. (ECWd) –

Shortly before 10:00 a.m. today, Sep 15, 2015, the Kansas Fire Department was called to a house fire on the east end of town on Jefferson Street.

Further information will be provided if we receive it.



Schools Prohibited from Requiring Student Passwords to Social Media –

Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –

Received this tip in an email blast on a recent change to the “Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act” from the legal firm of Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick & Kohn LLP…

Take note Effingham School District, and all the others that decided to take advantage of students last year… additionally, I would suggest all parents and students change their passwords to make sure the schools do not maintain access they may already have.

Access to Student Social Media Accounts Curtailed

Recent amendments to the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act restrict access by schools to student social media accounts. Initially the Act gave schools the right to request or require a student to provide social media account passwords or other related account information when the school had reasonable cause to believe the account contained evidence of a disciplinary violation. Schools were required to provide notice to parents of this right. Our article regarding the then-new law can be found here.

The recent amendments to the Act restrict this right. Public Act 99-0460, which became effective on August 25, 2015, prohibits schools from requesting or requiring students to provide passwords or other account information for their social media accounts in any circumstance. Now, schools only may require a student “to cooperate in an investigation” if there is specific information about activity on the student’s social media account that violates a school disciplinary rule or policy. As part of the school’s investigation, a student may be required to “share the content that is reported in order to make a factual determination,” but the school no longer can request or require disclosure of passwords. Continue reading…


Shiloh School seeking county sales tax –

Edgar Co., IL. (ECWd) –

During the Edgar County Study Session last Monday, August 31st, a county board member stated that Shiloh Schools were inquiring on the ability to establish a sales tax.

I believe the 1% sales tax (if that is what he was referring to) must be by county-wide referendum and all School Districts (51% or higher) and/or the County Board must sign-on to the idea. More information in the Paris Beacon News (here).

Watch the video and learn about other items that were discussed like Health Department air conditioning, etc.:

When will we learn?


Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and now Dennis Hastert.  All examples that our society is failing at a pace never imaginable. For Hastert, he went from coach to the number 2 in line for the Presidency of our nation.

Scandal after scandal across the nation, and we read the stories now filling the airways on Hastert, but this too will pass and most will forget.   My question is why are we seeing more and more of this happen and when are we as a society going to take steps to prevent it in the future.

If you haven’t read the indictment on Dennis Hastert, rest assured the first sentence tells us what we need to know.

“From approximately 1965 to 1981, defendant JOHN DENNIS HASTERT was a high school teacher and coach in Yorkville, Illinois.” (Click here for entire indictment)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this scandal dates clear back to his coaching days, otherwise why mention his employment dating back 50 years.

We will see story after story on this for the next several weeks and then it will taper off until the next big scandal.  My primary question is simple.  What steps are we as a society going to take to protect our children in the future from these types?  Let’s not overlook another key problem with this type of behavior.  It grows from a lawless society.  It is all connected and don’t think for a second they are not.

When a State’s Attorney or Attorney General plays politics with local corruption it spawns a new age.  An age where people believe that power determines justice, not laws. Most believe that is what we have today. Personally, I think Edgar County could be the poster child for this type of behavior.

Don’t be fooled by the press coverage of this Hastert story and think it’s just another Washington power broker who got caught.  If you do that, you lost focus of the real concern.  All indications are his misconduct happen long before he was ever into politics.  That means he was just another teacher/coach.  Not much different than those same perverts who have abused our children in our local schools.

Not much different than local school board members at Shiloh School District who wanted to extend a contract of their exposed and convicted pervert Superintendent.  What kind of people vote to keep a person with a history of sexual abuse on a child? (Click here for that article)

Those who find excuses and vote for those known perverts are part of the problem, but more importantly, those citizens that allow their disgusting behavior to continue by not not holding them accountable is the bigger problem.

This quote from a parent who’s son had Hastert as a coach says it all.

“You won’t get anyone to say anything bad about him out here,” said David Corwin. “Everybody loved him. The kids loved him and they still do.” (The Blaze Article with quote at the end)

To say you won’t get anyone to say anything bad about him out there and that the kids still love him, even after he acknowledged the misconduct should concern us all. Those types of statements are the indicators of a serious problem.  They are a clear failure to understand wrong in spite of the facts.

There has to come a time when we as a society have had enough and realize if we don’t start a corrective action plan soon we are done as a moral, upright society.

Even in our township of Kansas with a whopping population of 1003, we have had a history of abusive educators with our children and no one has ever been held accountable to my knowledge.  Sadly, people defended their behavior and covered it up until years later when they talk about it at the coffee shops.

What will it take for you to realize something has to be done right in your own town to stop this systemic sickness in our country? 

I pray to God that our society hears the call to action and takes steps to protect this sacred country that so many of our families fought and died for.  If you are not involved in the solution then you are part of the problem.

God Help Us!

School Boards in Edgar County violated the law….and you paid for it says Chicago Tribune…

Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

“These abuses won’t stop until voters rise up angry again and again and again”.

About now some are saying here he goes again, complaining about matters of no importance to those in Edgar County.  Oh how you arr mistaken, if that is the case.  The above quote is not mine but that of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune.  I find it comforting to finally see major media organizations standing up and delivering the message to the people.

That quote was from their Editorial article today expanding on the $38,000,000.00 ($38 Million) in fines the taxpayers of Illinois had to pay because their school boards violated state law by giving pay raises in excess of statutory limits.  (Click here for Tribune Article)

Edgar County taxpayers are on the hook for $31,045.24 in penalties for violating the 6% pay spike for their administrators and teachers. Once again, we see that our elected officials are failing to follow the law and it is those same officials costing you money.

A break down by school districts In Edgar County:

  • Chrisman CUSD 6 – 1 Educator – Fined $1,102.14
  • Kansas CUSD 3 – 1 Educator – Fined $3,354.01
  • Paris CUSD 4 – 4 Educators – Fined $2,832.36
  • Paris CUSD 95 – 5 Educators – Fined $18,178.76 
  • Shiloh CUSD 1 – 3 Educators – Fined $5,547.9

Considering the financial condition of these schools and their raising of our taxes on a regular basis, let me just say I am once again disgusted with this behavior.  The nerve of these people to continue to place financial burdens on our backs when they, themselves, are costing us money is yet another example of how broke our system is.

At what point will the citizens in this county get angry enough to demand accountability to the law?  I have been asking that question for years and the abuse continues while people sit at the coffee shop complaining that nothing can be done about it.

The College of DuPage was an example of how informed voters stood up and forced change;  Change that many said could never happen.  We exposed just a smidgen of corruption in that College compared to what we have shared in Edgar County, yet the abuses of the law in this county continue, as is pointed out in the Chicago Tribune’s article.  (Click here to search the entire data base for violators)

The school districts of Edgar County owe the people an explanation as to which educators reaped the benefits of illegal pay spikes, and what board members allowed it to happen.  I would appreciate if they simply provide the information without a FOIA request. If I do not hear from them in the next 5 days I will follow up with the official request, as the people have a right to know who is taking advantage of our tax dollars with zero accountability.


Kansas School – Tax or Close? Public Meeting Aug 21st!

Kansas School District 3 in Kansas, Illinois is having a regularly scheduled public meeting on the 21st of August at 6: pm.

What appears to be of major interest for many is the claimed report by a citizen circulating the flyers is that the board is going to be voting on a tax increase for the District of up to 30% in hopes of keeping the school open.

The flyer being circulated  makes claim this vote is going to be taken, however, no such agenda item can be found on the published agenda, so any such vote would be invalidated because you can’t take action on items not on the agenda.    There is a scheduled Financial Overview Discussion that includes the option for citizens to address the board.

For those wishing to attend and express their opinions, as encouraged by the flyer, may we suggest a hard review of the Schools Budget so that you are better informed as to what is really going on with the funds.  I would also urge close review of the actual salaries being paid versus those some people locally are claiming, which are extremely elevated.

What many people may not realize is that even if a property tax increase is passed at some point, it appears even that action would only temporarily buy the school time before a forced closure.

Many people have asked a very basic question as it relates to cutting programs in order to save the school.  People should realize that raising taxes on people while also telling them they are going to get less for their tax dollar makes little sense.  The raising of taxes should be based on a sound business model and they are designed to offer MORE services not less!

It seems to be a consensus that the State of Illinois has created this financial problem state wide as it relates to school funding.  I would argue that We The People created this problem by trusting our elected officials to do what was right for the people, instead of themselves and their family members.  You don’t have to look too far to see that our Illinois Department of Education is out of control and costing us all more each and every year we don’t get involved, and that directly impacts each and every one of us at the local level.

It would be tough, but I believe with the right mind set and accepted sacrifices across the board, we could one day become a District that no longer depends on State Funding.  For those that think it’s not possible, please check your history as there was once a time when local schools were totally funded by local money with no dependance on the State.

I would encourage everyone that can attend this meeting do so and come prepared to present solutions to the challenges we all face.