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May 24, 2024

Thornton Township Settled Watchdogs’ FOIA Lawsuit – More On The Way –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 15, 2024

Thornton Township (ECWd) –

We, Edgar County Watchdogs, Inc., filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit last year when Thornton Township and Supervisor Tiffany Henyard’s failed to respond to requests for public records.

In the settlement, Thornton Township paid $5,500.00 for our attorney fees – if Henyard and the Township would have simply provided the requested records, it would have cost them and the taxpayers nothing.

Loevy & Loevy represented us in this suit, and we recieved the requested records as part of the settlement.

There are several more unanswered requests for public records which we are contemplating filing suit over.

For Henyard to continually tell the public she will “show the receipts,” her actions tell us otherwise.

ECW v TT SA Signed by TH and CSG (Fully Executed)




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  • Stan
    Posted at 07:38h, 15 April Reply

    Why does every settlement agreement say (paraphrasing) “this is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing, or liability”. Absolutely they were guilty, and did wrong. Why would they settle otherwise? I think you should instruct your attorneys to not allow that language. By paying, they are automatically admitting liability.

  • Dave
    Posted at 10:22h, 15 April Reply

    Good work Dogs!

  • Michael Hagberg
    Posted at 11:48h, 15 April Reply

    But did you receive the FOIA documents requested?

  • Jack Tarleton
    Posted at 16:19h, 15 April Reply

    Stan: the language you cite it boilerplate in virtually ALL settlement agreements. No attorney is going to agree to remove it. It dates back forever and a day, and is part of the “gentlemanly” way in which the courts of yore expected lawyers to conduct themselves. “Well, old chap, we’re not admitting that we did anything wrong, but what would you say if we just paid you a bit for your trouble, and save the both of us a great deal of trouble ahead.” Of COURSE they did something wrong, or the wouldn’t agree to pay! But if you try to take that language out, you are not going to get anywhere, because it also gives the defendant some coverage in future lawsuits because they can say that they never admitted to doing anything wrong, so therefore you can’t really claim that they have done this sort of thing in the past, etc. Bottom line: they can say whatever they want as long as they turn over the records and pay the money. It saves everybody, including the judge (and therefore the people), a lot of time and money.

  • Daniel L Sleezer
    Posted at 16:23h, 15 April Reply

    She doesn’t care as it is not her money that pays off these bills, it’s the Townships/Tax Payers. If it was hers it might get her attention.

  • Scott L
    Posted at 23:05h, 15 April Reply

    Thanks for making lawyers rich again in your continued misogynistic harassment against a minority woman who is not afraid to stand up and fight for our communities in Dolton and Thornton township. You have cost us taxpayers money in wasted lawyers fees for a rich downtown law firm in Chicago over a nothing issue. You don’t even care what you are looking for, just looking to make trouble for a young charismatic woman of color trying to make it in a tough political environment. As I have said before, I looked up Edgar County on a map. You are 150 miles away from our community, if you are going to harass elected officials do it by you, leave our community alone, we don’t need or want your help. Then again, you seem to have a vendetta against a strong minority woman so there seems to be another agenda.

  • Bob Anderson
    Posted at 08:00h, 16 April Reply

    All of Illinois’ 1,430 township governments are wasting money, they’re just quiet about it! Most states do not have this problem, they do NOT have this outdated unit of 1850s government.

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