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April 21, 2024

Jim Acklin’s Troubled Past Still There…Failed At Mandated Reporting

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 6, 2024

Paris, Ill. (ECWd) –

Jim Acklin has announced he is running as a write-in candidate against State Representative Adam Niemerg who is also a write-in candidate.  Niemerg has been endorsed by every GOP County Chairman in the 102nd district and is a member of the Illinois Freedom Caucus.

According to State Board of Election campaign reporting found here and here, Acklin is being funded by the Illinois Federation of Teachers, Illinois PAC for Education, and the Illinois Laborers Legislative Committee.

Acklin is currently the Acting Mayor of Ogden, Illinois, and Interim Superintendent of Chrisman Schools.  Acklin currently draws just under $11,000.00 ($10,980.82), a month from the Teachers Retirement fund as reported on Open the Books at this link.

We believe people should know their candidates, so here is what we and others wrote about Acklin the last time he ran for State Representative:

  • Prior reporting on Acklin regarding failures in mandated reporting allegations of sexual abuse of a child at this link.
  • Madison -St. Clair Record reporting on Acklin: “In sexual misconduct suit, state rep candidate said female student was responsible for relationship with teacher”.  Our prior reporting on that matter at this link
  • Acklin said “follow the money” (HERE) –
  • Prior reporting on bogus Acklin robocalls is found at this link.
  • Our prior reporting on Acklin regarding mandated reporting at this link and exposed by Liberty Principals PAC in his past campaign at this link.
  • Campaign funding reporting concerns were reported here and here.
  • Prior reporting on sexual abuse coverup at this link. (HERE);
  • We fact-checked an editorial about Acklin (HERE);
  • WCIA verified Acklin’s robocalls were not true. (HERE);
  • Acklin allowed electioneering in Chrisman Schools (HERE);

We attempted to reach out to Acklin for comments but could not find any email address for his campaign.

We urge voters to do their homework and vote accordingly.


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