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April 14, 2024

Shelby County – Robert Woodall Withdraws Verbal Claim Of Actual Innocence – Re-sentenced To 55 Years

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 24, 2024

Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

We first reported on Robert Woodall’s claims of Brady violations in this article which we encourage everyone to read.  As referenced in that article, we were waiting on this transcript from that hearing.

Anyone reading the transcript from the prior hearing and information linked in the prior article should be able to see there are some very concerning evidentiary claims outlined including missing evidence and suppression of evidence that could have led to his conviction being vacated.  We have confirmed there is missing evidence and it appears that will no longer matter due to an order issued in November.

According to the court’s November 8, 2023 order, Woodall abandoned all post-trial claims, including his verbal claim of innocence.

1. The Defendant offered to withdraw, for now and forever, the written Amended Motion to Vacate and Motion for Forensic Testing. The defendant knowingly and understandingly agrees that he Will for now and forever waive the issues contained in those pleadings and waive oral arguments concerning those Issues, Including, but not limited to: alleged fraud upon the court, alleged violations by the State, his motion to dismiss the charges, his motion to proceed to a new trial, his motion to proceed to a new .sentencing hearing, his motion to proceed to a 3ro stage post-conviction hearing, and his verbal claim of actual Innocence.” (emphasis added)

“5. The Court finds that the Defendant’s offer to withdraw his pleadings, to withdraw his verbal claims, and to bind himself forever to the abandonment of post-conviction claims, to has been made knowingly and voluntarily.” (emphasis added)”

While we have a lot of questions as to why Woodall would agree to drop all of his efforts to overturn his conviction when it appears there were other potential suspects and evidence withheld and some actually missing, the withdrawal of his verbal claim of innocence and willingness to withdraw all his appeal efforts in exchange for a new sentencing hearing is the choice he made.

We understand during the sentencing hearing this week he gave a right of allocution statement, saying he was sorry for the family, but he didn’t do it.  If he didn’t do it, why on earth would he agree to withdraw his claim of innocence?

There were multiple victim impact statements entered into the record for sentencing including one read by Breanna (Lynch) Woods, the daughter of victim Heather Lynch.  Those statements can be downloaded at this link.

The re-sentencing hearing he agreed to took place this week and the Judge sentenced him to 55 years, the same as his prior sentencing.

As with any court order, there is a possibility Woodall would seek a reconsideration on the matter but that must be done within 30 days of the order.

We will update with a new article if further action takes place in this case.





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