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July 24, 2024

Shelby County – Have Adults Lost Their Minds?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 18, 2024

Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

A recent social media post by County Board member Sonny Ross brought to light a 9-year-old’s public comment at a city council meeting as reported in this video article and this local news article.

“Miller, Sr. took his son to the council meeting to continue his education about politics, but he wasn’t expecting the reaction they would receive. “I couldn’t be prouder,” Miller, Sr. said.”

However in Shelby County when an 11-year-old daughter of County Board member Sonny Ross speaks up during public comment the contrast is shocking.

Rather than applaud a child for being willing to stand up and speak at a public meeting, a select few Shelby County so-called “adults” attending the meeting ignored the child’s right to speak by interrupting and making comments while she spoke.  As if that were not enough, some of those same people then took to social media to cast allegations of child abuse, manipulation of a child, terrorism, and even insinuating complaints should be filed with the Department of Child and Family Services.

Comments from “adults”:

  • “Terrorists like to use human shields”
  • “Yes they should be at home not subject to this, thats what’s wrong with some kids today”
  • “That child should not be allowed to attend”
  • “I’m not opposed to bringing a child to a public meeting to get educated, but to bring a young child to a meeting that you know is always heated is just wrong and terrible parenting. He has very much manipulated his kids, telling them what to say.  No child is going to just come up with words like his has. Sad situation for his kids to be involved in”
  • “Honestly, I think there should be a policy for that”
  • “No way a decent parent would let their young child attend meetings like this”
  • “Its sad a grown adult basically indoctrinated a child to further their agenda”
  • “11 year olds need to be in bed at 9 on school nights especially”

Considering all the negativity was coming from the audience, not the public officials, maybe more people should bring their kids to these meetings to see what real hypocrisy is.

Questions that should be answered about the above comments in order:

  • Is this “adult’s” comment insinuating that Sonny Ross is a Terrorist because he brought his child to a county board meeting?
  • Subject to this?  What is “this”? Does he mean subject to childish behavior that was exhibited by so-called adults at a public meeting?
  • “That” child should not be allowed to attend? Is that not discrimination being called for by “adults”
  • Terrible parenting?  What evidence does this “adult” have that the parent manipulated his kids or told them what to say? Is it possible his child actually can come up with words on her own?  It’s well known many homeschooled kids can in fact think for themselves, as can those who are not homeschooled.
  • A policy to forbid a person from a public meeting based on what?  Another example of discrimination being advocated by “adults”
  • So bringing your child to a public meeting means you are not a decent parent?
  • What agenda? To tell the truth and take ownership of their actions and work to fix things to the point his kids miss their time with him at home because of it?
  • Another ignorant statement from an “adult”.  Mr. Ross and his wife homeschool their children and having done the same, the joy of homeschooling is you determine the school hours, not a so-called “adult” who cast their opinions based on their paradigm.

We think that any public meeting is a place that any child should be welcomed and encouraged to attend.  In Arizona, such attendance makes positive news and may well encourage other kids to do the same.  In Shelby County, these kids could learn what it means for “adults” to act like children.

When the examples exhibited at the meeting and on social media by these “adults” are so appalling that they don’t want kids to see it, it’s the very reason the world needs to shine a giant spotlight on them.

The video below is set at the point of the 11-year-old’s public comment during the last Shelby County Board meeting.


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  • Larry Ferguson
    Posted at 20:48h, 18 January Reply

    During my years as Mayor of Arcola there were several children that attended our council meetings. From Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Students from School learning about local government and some council members children. These kids should be encouraged to get more involved if so inclined. Some day they my even become an elected official I am appalled at the comments from the general public of Shelby County. They should be ashamed of their words. Some said its gets heated. Well thats on them.

  • Jack Tarleton
    Posted at 21:25h, 19 January Reply

    This is the sort of lowbrow idiocy we’ve some to expect from Shelby County.

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