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May 25, 2024

Shelby County – Robert Woodall Claiming Brady Violations In 2000 Murder Conviction Case

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 2, 2023

Shelby Co., Ill. (ECWd) –

Robert Woodall was found guilty of murder and residential burglary in 2000.   During his Appeal for a rehearing due to the prosecuting attorneys having been improperly appointed to a position that did not exist by law, the court denied his appeal for other reasons.

Woodall has now filed a motion to vacate and a motion for forensic testing.  According to Woodall’s motion:

“In this case the crime scene investigators lead Detectives testified at trial there was unmatched fingerprints from the victim’s apartment. Gina Vonderheide stated there was unmatched fingerprints from the victim’s apartment.  Now, ASA Scott says they do not exist. The only logical explanation is the evidence has been lost or destroyed.”

Gina Vonderheide was the Shelby County State’s Attorney at the time referenced in the motion and Jay Scott was the prior Shelby County Assistant State’s Attorney working under the Nichole Kroncke, former State’s Attorney.

Woodall also alleges a notebook, exhibit F3, had unidentified fingerprints that he is seeking to test, the evidence logs show nowhere that it was ever logged into a vault, lab, or anything. “This evidence magically disappears from the evidence log chain of custody”.

Woodall is asking for his conviction to be vacated in part due to the destruction of evidence of this exculpatory evidence.  Additional other factors are claimed and can be read in his filings at this link or viewed below. The exhibits can be downloaded at this link.

Woodall is specifically asking for his conviction /sentence to be vacated, to order forensic testing, and any other action the court deems just.

We are awaiting a transcript of the recent hearing on the matter and will publish it in its entirety once we obtain it.

Woodall motion



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