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June 12, 2024

Video: Dolton Mayor Henyard Accused Of Using Police For Political Retaliation –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 16, 2023

Dolton, Ill. (ECWd) –

Residents, Village of Dolton Trustees, and Dolton Park District Commissioners came together for a press conference yesterday, and all of them alleged Tiffany Henyard, Mayor of Dolton and Thornton Township Supervisor, has been using the Dolton Police Department for political retaliation against residents, trustees, and park district commissioners.

The latest in her alleged retaliation occurred this past weekend when she (unlawfully) told the village police department to shut down a car show scheduled to be held on park district property last Saturday. The Dolton Police installed 4-foot by 4-foot concrete cubic barriers across both entrances into the park district parking lot, and stationed police vehicles at those entrances prohibiting any vehicles from entering park district property.

Henyard, according to the individual in charge of the car show, had sent police officers and other employees of the village to demand he move the car show a few blocks down the street to one of Henyard’s township events in order for it to appear more people were attending the Henyard event. He refused, and the barricades went up.

Other residents and businesses have accused her of refusing to renew business and liquor licenses because they would not provide financial donations to her political campaign (here). One lawsuit over the nonrenewal of these licenses has been filed – more are on the way.

The Park District stated it is filing suit against Mayor Henyard, the Village of Dolton, and the Dolton Police Department to ensure this type of activity never happens again.

The barricades were still in place on Sunday and Monday, and some were still in place on Tuesday prior to the press conference.


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  • NiteCat
    Posted at 11:31h, 16 August Reply

    Ok, I”ll play ‘Mickey the Dunce” here. Does Dolton have a recall option for the Mayor? If so, why are they putting up this?

  • james
    Posted at 10:40h, 19 August Reply

    Elections have consequences people. Vote wisely

  • Bill Stankwater
    Posted at 10:52h, 04 October Reply

    They already tried a recall. Court shot it down somehow. She was quite confident after saying no one can stop her. Yep, vote have consequences. Meanwhile her, the Biden’s, fire alarm pulling Dem, etc etc are getting free passes in the press while “Trumping” up charges against their less than preferred presidential candidate.

    Thank goodness the press is on the side of Zelenskyy and “Democracy” at least. They guy who shut down elections next year. SMH

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