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June 23, 2024

Shelby County – Move Along, Nothing To See Here? – You Be The Judge

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 14, 2023

Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

Over the last 7 years, we have seen more malfeasance in Shelby County than we thought possible in local units of government.  The tips we received on these matters include tips related to Townships, Municipalities, and County government. They have come to us from both sides of the political spectrum which indicates these matters have nothing to do with politics as some would like you to believe.

Reading through some of the local misinformation posted regularly by a prolific cowardice “anonymous” person, a comment was worth noting.  While most of the comments were nothing more than whining about the exposure of problems and buying into the poster’s misinformation, one woman actually was so upset she wanted things to go back to the old way of doing things, known as the good ole boy days. Those were the days when everyone knew there was no accountability because of who controlled the operations of the government.

A recent letter to the Editor of a local paper appears to point in the direction of nothing has been done wrong in Shelby County since no one was arrested.  This is a very special mindset when looking at the actual facts of what we have exposed over the years.

Most people can relate to the frustration that comes from zero accountability to public officials who break our laws in this nation.  I am confident, those same people know that just because bad actors are not prosecuted does not mean laws were not broken or that there is no malfeasance that could be prosecuted.  It simply means they got away with it because those with the power to investigate and prosecute did nothing.

Shelbyville Townshipillegal employment, donations, improper use of public aid funds, and over-taxation – Zero accountability for all of those events.

Rose TownshipTownship Board makes appointments to offices they have no power to appoint to. We suspect this is going to be the case all over the county and the rest of the state.

Tower Hill Treasurer Theft of over $100,00.00A former State’s Attorney DROPPED the chargesFeds Indict and convict Three Counts Wire Fraud

Shelby County:

While there are plenty of other items that could be listed as clear malfeasance and illegal conduct, it is abundantly clear that anyone taking the position that no one has done anything wrong or illegal in Shelby County because no one has been arrested has lost touch with reality.

We say lost touch with reality because some of the very same people saying nothing was wrong in Shelby County have turned to a former Shelby County State’s Attorney, Tom Finks for advice on numerous matters.  Who is Tom Finks?  We agree with the opinion of the original complaint that indicated Finks’s conduct was criminal.

Finks happens to be the attorney who filed a motion to dismiss the Quo Warranto case involving a Shelby County board member claiming the case is moot since the board member allegedly resigned from the cemetery board.  Turns out he missed all the case law that indicates a resignation does not moot a quo warranto action. Even we found that case law and we are not attorneys.  More on this story to come.

We are confident the good people of Shelby County are not swayed by uninformed political smear pieces or uninformed opinions based on feelings rather than facts.

We challenge everyone to prove our information wrong.  If you cannot, who are you going to believe?

You be the Judge!






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  • Brian K Anderson
    Posted at 14:22h, 14 August Reply

    Sounds familiar!!!!!

  • Droopy: Master Sergeant
    Posted at 18:35h, 14 August Reply

    Clearly the judicial branch is politicized. Is it any wonder Illinois is the mess that it is? Most see the problem as lack of courageous prosecutors not lack of evidence.

  • William Thomas
    Posted at 12:27h, 15 August Reply

    Hugs and Kisses

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